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Yea i know its hard to believe :wink: but i am 50 on fri 5th dec . and rockerchic has decided we are gonna have a good night out in london ,some eats and a pint or six :slight_smile:
So far it is r.c, georgy boy,fishface and me , would be really cool if some of you guys want to join in the fun and everyone is welcome :slight_smile:

No real plans at the mo but i hardley ever get into town so would like to make the most of it and do a mini pub crawl type of thing probably covent garden/soho but open to suggestions.

I know i must be getting old cos the thought of public transport after a session makes me cringe so we are gonna get a cab back to hanwell, if anyone lives up the a40/a4 way we could allways get a 5 or 7 seater .

Let us know if you can make it and rockerchic will start making some proper arrangements .

Blimey your looking good for 50!:w00t: never actually spoken to you but seen you up the ace would’nt have guessed you were a day over 40!:blink:

Thankyou for that wasp, i think i have my father to thank ,he is 78 and still has a full head of dark hair !

Should have gone to Specsavers::D:D:D

Oi jetson:P shut it and be nice:D I truly think he looks young for his age and good on yer dad i say 78 phew bet he’s seen some changes in his lifetime:cool:

We were only joking, and Zeph will know that. We think he looks gorgeous and don’t care how old he is. Shame his daughters didn’t inherit his fantastic looks:D:D

:blush:…think i may need to start another thread , this ones broken :stuck_out_tongue:

yeh i inherited the milk mans even better looks …
shame about michelle tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooooooo! Some might be in for a spanking!

Count me in for a drink.

whats this ? we have someone sensibly responding to the content of the thread . maybe this could catch on, its very easy really

-Yes please , i look forward to the taking of some light refreshments with yourself.

-No thankyou i would rather eat my own spleen

copy and paste as appropriate :smiley:

Yup am in for it Zeph

Miggy knows a bar in Convent garden which is a biker bar. They’ve got a harley hanging from the ceiling. Not been myself but he reckons its a good laugh?

But where ever you go ill be there :smiley:

Sorry amigo but it is my works drink that night, otherwise I would come. let me know where you will end up and if I can still see where I’m going when I leave I will come along for a drink…

Tell george to leave his phone on as well so I can call him to mumble stuff about getting there.

If you let us know where your going to be, the friday night crew will pop in for a coke with ya, on our way into town :)…long as you dont stink of p*ss now your 50 :smiley:

Zeph - would love to go, however that would be 6 nights in a row for partying, and I am meant to be on the 23.00 train from Folkestone to Calais!:slight_smile:

Enjoy anyway.

^^^Seems life begins at 50 Zeph, so dont be to grumpy mate :smiley:

As soon as I get a break from work, i’ll set about arranging this. But it’s definately next friday. We’ll be in London earlier and going out for dinner, if anyone fancies that, otherwise meeting at some pub, maybe miggy’s one? Probably around 7.30pm. But I shall update soon.

I’ll bring my paddle if there is any spanking to be done…oops sorry Zeph but I am older than you and I can never answer a straight question…

Yes please , i look forward to the taking of some light refreshments with yourself. :D:D:D

Count me in peep’s!.. :smiley:
Looking forward to it already! :wink:

So, do we get to give him the bump’s, or will it break his hip now? :P:w00t::P:w00t:

We would be delighted to partake of some light refreshments with yourself but unfortunately can not make it on the day. We will surely purchase some said light refreshment for you upon meeting you perhance on another occasion. :smiley: