only an idiot would use this

and only in the usa surely this should be illegal to sell??? also like that in the pics someone has shown a massive pileup of cars crashed

Why would you want to do this? :w00t:

I’d never be able to steer properly cos i’d have to check LB, the temptation while driving would be too much :smiley:

Hahha, that needs to be criminalised. It probably has something like “not for use during driving” written on it.

i thought you did that whilst your students were driving anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Curtis, I couldn’t get away with it, i dropped my pen the other day and i looked down to find, the pupil looked down to be nosey and we almost left the road at speed, could you imagine me surfing the web? :D:D


LOL, nutter!! :w00t:

Surely that cannot be real!!

amazing.look at some of the captions on the product photo uploads…so funny

Read the user reviews - they are brilliant!

“I was truly saved by this laptop steering wheel desk. A about a minute ago I was eating my meatball spaghetti lunch on my steering wheel desk. (Yes I know, quite messy). While topping a hill, I was caught off guard by the deer crossing the road on the other side of the hill. I panicked and some of the meatball went down my windpipe. As I was choking, I wrenched the steering wheel to the right trying to avoid the stupid animal and hit a tree. And what do you know; 1. I survived the crash; 2. The laptop steering wheel desk performed the Heimlich maneuver on me. I’m currently trying to push my lungs back down my thro”

“This is an awesome product… I followed some of the reviewers suggestion and cut a hot coffee holder then installed it in my Lexus… The installation was simple so any dummy can do it… Thern I test drove it on the highway… I would give this 5 stars but had a problem on the first right turn when the hot coffee got dumped in my lap and burnt me, the my notebook slid off (they need velcro for the notebooks) and broke the screen, the the table whacked me in my head (I think the edges need some sort of padding to prevent this).”

And plenty more!