"Only a 125"

Hehe, my friend rides a KTM 625 SMC and stopped to top up with fuel last night. She went to pay and it came to about a fiver. When she muttered that it was more than usual (KTM - only has 9 litre tank you see) the girl behind her who was riding a cbr600 said in a patronising voice, “That’s because it’s a 125 deary, they only have small tanks you know.”

Despite trying to tell her otherwise, this girl insisted that the KTM was only a 125 and that she knew best - She must have thought there was something wrong with the exhaust when my friend rode off!

HAHA… Class!:smiley:

Had a similar comment from some crazy van driver shouting abuse at me when I was riding my CCM…told me to get a proper bike…not a kids one…:rolleyes: