Online Scammers

I was just looking at the craiglist freeads site people are talking about and couldnt help laughing at the presence of scam bike ads . . . . this guy made me laugh out aloud

“It is very straight forward. The motor is a bone stock, well maintained machine with 4600 EASY miles. The bike has NO rock dings, scratches, smudges, hairline this, small smudge that… NOTHING! As you can see in the pics, it has the aftermarket triple clamp and is ready to be slammed! It is in perfect order on all sides! You will not be dissapointed.”

Rock Dings !!! yeeeha … “ready to be slammed!” . . .where is Sherrif John Burnell when you need him ??..the “aftermarket triple clamp” is [obviously] not in shot anyway and “The motor is a bone stock” . . . apart from the turbo, still, only a silly little turbo anyway, not really worth mentioning . . .

Pretty funny I see so many of these scams it’s unreal, and I also see a lot of people falling for them and losing out. There’s a hell of a lot of people without common-sense out there! Cavat-empor!

Cool, Kwaka Ninja C1 for 2200 notes. If only!