Online Fighters Magazine

Was told about this by a Mate, thought I’d share it with you Guys, thats if you dont already know about it :slight_smile:

Yeah i know, mines in next months edition…:smiley:

Features are like busses, wait for ages and then 2 come along at once :wink:

Cheers, I’ve heard of it.

Me an a few pals were thinking of getting an online fighter style mag site together - maybe even getting limited copies printed as one of us is a printer. But not to sure how it would be received, there is definitely space in the market for another streetfighter style magazine, the idea is its and A2 poster that folds down to A5 with articles ad ads on the reverse. But its just a concept at the mo’.

IMHO it would be good if SF mag had a rival, think it’s gone a bit stale, what with all the stunting, drag racing and factory fighters etc. Would be nice to have a another view on the stagnent fighter scene. Cant belive how much the Germans are ahead of us and how big it is over there. Think any sort of Mag will be good, might liven up the scene a bit.

Good luck with it Tel if you go ahead with it :slight_smile:

We are testing the water first with a blog site and see how it goes. Its: but nothing is up yet - watch this space!

Oh completely agree with you, the Germans have really upped the ante!

Issue # 2 Jan 08 is on there Web site

Even got a LB’er in it…Well done Via Macniven :cool:


Just read this mag for the first time… and need to make some comments on the article …

Karl who comes from Essex started this project 18 months ago when he brought the bike from Amsterdam and had an accident. He bought the Kawasaki ZRX 1200 back in 2004, it was Silver in those days and Karl only made a few alterations to the bike before the accident, exhaust, brake lines etc. The damage from the accident was quite extensive, so Karl decided to go for a complete strip down, this was in November 2006, just before the NEC show. He intended for the work to be completed by February for the Kawasaki day at the Ace Café, where he intended to attend with the ZRX owners club.

Sorry, but the bike was about 4 weeks old (Oct 2004) when I hit a patch of diesel in heavy rain and went down with fairly minor damage (fairing panel, lever and engine cover). The bike was restored back to showroom condition, as it was unmodified and new at the time. Small(ish) changes were made to the bike over the intervening years until it was taken off the road in November 2006, and stripped to the frame.

The tail unit is frm HESA in Germany, TES only did a little powdercoating and anodising…

MTC exhaust was bought while still living in Amsterdam… But replaced with an Akraprovic later…

Sorry… But needed some corrections :smiley: But thanks for the feature… :smiley:

Full roadtest in MCN today, along with a video on the website…

Issue # 3 Feb 08 is on there Web site :slight_smile: