One tricked up ZX7!

This is nice!!!



Was tempted to look into buying that one - just need to palm off the 6R somewhere…

Nice isn’t it good value too! Especially with those wheels and AP racing calipers! Very tasty!

Sell off the 6R to Sam it’s about time he got rid of the bogey version!

Oi bugboy, i wont tolerate such blasphemy. Nice 7r.

Shut it bandit boy

Oh yeah, it’s nice alright… had best get mine cleaned up a bit and see if anyone’s crazy enough to buy at this time of year!

Mmmm … sweeet!!

I’m surprised Andrew hasn’t written a drooling message yet!

Makes me want to keep mine!

Makes me want to develop mine subject to having any stash left after the race effort. PB have an article in there last issue about lightening and powering up a ZX7R.

Yeah I’m gonna follow that in pb magazine. it’ll be interesting. All tha head has been done on mine( ported and polished), flatsides(39 fcrs), full ackro. Could do with being 20-30 kg lighter!!

Well so far they seem to have shaved off a few kilos, mainly by changing the bodywork to full race. The wheels are now marchenesi ally jobs. They are ditching the headlight and installing a single from a VFR400, lights not going to be good but it saves loads of weight. Clocks are being ditched for a digital set up. Specialist machined parts from light weight ally going on etc. A mate of mine swapped the engine for a ZX9 lump, cheapest way to gain horses apparently. Mines only dynod but pumps 119 at the rear wheel, well it did 3 years ago when it was last on the dyno.

haven’t got a clue what bhp mine has got. Not sure I want to know! Felt good last time I rode it (months). Loads of midrange for a 750, right where you need it

Think I best get mine back on the dyno, its like riding a 2 stroke. All the power is set for between 10 and 15 thousand revs. Not ideal for the road really. Coughs and splutters until it gets to 7 thou. Its not been on the road for four years as its been on the race track, tomorrow though, should see it back on the road.

Very nice indeed - drool drool (SP)

Liking that swingarm myself. AP brakes are beautiful but £1000 - no way man.

The PB article has been a tad disappointing so far for me. I mean, we all know about mag wheels and exhausts, and the bodywork issue seems like more hassle and cost (paintjob) than it’s weightsaving warrants.

Clocks are interesting tho, and I’ll be following the article still. I prefer our very own Matt’s weight saving experiments see below ). Drilling holes in everything and stripping all but the essentials. And bouncing the motor around the workshop floor apparently, although that’s not one for beginners

Shatter, you are serious about it man, good luck. If they’d stop salting the roads I’d come down and you could have a blast on mine.

pb artical is a bit crap really, you can make anything light/special/fast if you throw loads of cash at it… given enough money, im sure you could make a harley beat an R1 round mallory…

my seven takes the approch of getting it sorted for the lowest amount of money, the list so far;

dymag wheels front and rear,

billet clip-on’s

single seat tail piece with LED rear lights

full yoshi system (RS3)

PFM supersport discs (dog leg type)

engine work (secret but 130 bhp at rear wheel)

brembo front m/c (off ducati 996)

drilling holes in everything not needed

race front fairing (standard lights)

total cost INCLUDING the bike £1652 and no, none of the bits are dodgy

stick that up ur arse performance bikes!!

not weighed it yet, but its gonna be light…

Ahhh but you dont tell the full story…like getting aftermarket parts from Japan (in person) at ridiculously cheap prices. Hahaha

You coming to the track day on the 21st?

bargains to be had everywhere mate, just gotta be prepared to look for em, and not be to worried about not having the latest /flashest most expensive stuff…