One step closer

Just recieved a letter saying i had sucessfully passed the application process and got my date for my p.i.r.t, woohoo been waiting for days now to get the news :D:D:D


whats a p i r t :unsure:

Come on then what is it.

Police Initial Recruitment Tests, test your physical and mental ability as well as reasoning n problem solving etc etc

oh i see… i did that centrex exam for the MOD police about two years ago it was nightmare if you get that far and want to know what to expect give me a shout, good luck with it curtis :slight_smile:

Why didn`t you say that in the first place.

Well done Curtis :kiss:

They’ll take any old Tom,Dick,Harry or Curtis nowadays,standards !! whatever happened to them:hehe::hehe:

cheeky fecker!! they gotta replace all these oldies taking early retirement somehow :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done mate, hope that you get through the next stage

Well done. Are you looking at going into the bikes?

Well done Curtis:)

Now the hard work begins, have you memorised the Krispy Kreme Menu yet?;):smiley:

Good Luck matey:cool:

What exactly were you doing in 1982 when I joined,or were you still a sperm then???:hehe:

yea hopefully but who knows

hmmm i was prob only just a sperm lol :w00t:

well done…your journey to the dark side has well and truly begun !

another one to the “feds” “5-0” lb ranks…welcome, start another club soon eh?

I though they still have a minimum weight requirement…

oh brilliant news, well done, hope it goes well for you.:slight_smile: