One small step for giant leap for man kind

The Great Neil Armstrong has past away


He was a great pilot…

One giant loss for mankind…


RIP neil armstrong. a very brave man. he always regretted missing the “a” out of his quote when he stepped onto the moon. (if he did step on there). ooo conspiracy alert. lol.

Neil Armstrong represented what was the best of the collective American dream.

A brave explorer, with the support of dedicated scientists who’s collective goal was broaden our horizons and set foot on the moon.

But Neil didn’t cash in on it afterwards, by doing the media circus.Instead he was humble and returned to a quiet life with family.

On reflection he demonstrated one giant leap for mankind, one small step for a Nation.

His legacy should have been America spending more in scientific exploring and less on the military adventures.

I reckon he’s faked his death :smiley:

If not, RIP

here be some retards:

It was right that they named the moon mission Apollo after a god from classical Greek antiquity.

The US and Russian space programmes were our Greek heroic age.