One slip and were both over....

Dear Gina Yesterday i unfortunatley slipped off the edge of the tarmac in Charlie’s driveway,as its on the steep bit of the driveway me and the bike went over I got my leg stuck under the bike and had to dig myself out. To top it off i done my back in wrenching the bike up, so im feeling the pain this morning

Hope everyone else is good…

Oh No!

Hope you mend soon.

I hope your ok Suzi!!

Howa the bike?

ouch hun - that driveway is pretty steep - I always stall Soak in a hot bath.= and get CHarlie to give you a massage

oh no!!, ive got a set of stabilisers if ya need em, theyre off gingers bike

Bikes not to bad but because i fell in the garden bit, the mushrooms didnt do anything just dugged in to the soil. Which unfortunatley is full of stones and has scratched some of the fairings. Charlie was playing airsoft so he wasn’t around to give me a rub maybe tonight !!


Sorry to hear this love

I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself too badly…Scout on ebay for bodywork…Ten a penny for a Gixxer.

Hope to see you soon.

claire im glad its not just me that likes to get her foot down!!!

i hope u and the bike are ok!!! charlie sort the poxy drive out!!!

Its one thing to get your foot down, but to bury it in soil underneath your bike is something else lol, oh well it could of been worse it just looks tatty now with the scratches.

But it still rides well

well glad ur okay, its good u didnt get completely trapped underneath it, u mite have been there a while,

get it sprayed or cheap new panels,

Unfortunatley i need my head stock bearing possibly, and chain and sprocket set. I know that if i got it sprayed i’d be unlucky enough to drop it again doh!

yea this is a problem when every u get something looking nice

Hi Suzi at least you are ok things could have been worse with the bike on you.

Get the head race bearing and chain/sproket sorted out first then the paint work they are much more important

Well i have put words in ears if, i suppose its a matter of waiting lol

thank god for mushrooms!my breakfast would have bean crap without them.sorry to hear you dropped the bike.hope youre okay and the bike not too scratched.