One Pedestrian Down, Many to Go

Well it finally happened. For the last year I have been dodging myopic pedestrians who leap lemming like in front of my bike but finally managed to get one tonight. He walked straight across the road in front of me without a care in the world, blithe to the fact that my way was green and his little man was red. He looked up with half a second to spare and managed to scurry both backwards and then strangly, forwards. Then I hit him!! OK, I was only doing about 5mph by the time I planted the wheel between his legs but I am guessing it chaffed a bit.

I was at a slight angle by the time I stopped so overbalanced and dropped the bike, which annoyed me, so he got it. My word, my mum would have blushed.

He was hopping around appologising saying it was all his fault and that he was stupid and he was really sorry. What did amuse me was the number of pedestrians on the side of the road who were calling him a prat and the taxi driver who was trying to match my choice language.

Anywho, time was marching on and traffic was backing up so I picked the bike up, told him to open his eyes and get out the way and rode off.

Have any of you had similiar fun episodes?

BTW, for those of you who may care, he was OK.

You got off lightly mate. Count yourself lucky. As for him, well, he lived to tell the tale.

They seem to be doing it more and more of late. 2 walked out in front of me yesterday but luckily I managed to gas it and swerve around them.

Dont you have to report your incident at the police station within 24hrs???

I always get people walking out in front of me! I honestly think they must think it’s a really easy for a bike to swerve or just stop. I actually feel like getting off and asking them why they choose to walk out in front of me. I’d genuinly like to hear their response

well, try riding through delhi then. ooops, sorry,…i meant to say southall

Remember guys, if you hit a pedestrian, you are most likely to be awarded with blame. Apparently I was lucky when I was involved in a pedestrian accident last year, despite there being nothing I could do. The scare-stories I’d heard as I waited the half year plus to find out what was going to happen were enough to give me the fear, big time.

Apparently you’re meant to be able to stop in time, regardless. Perhaps our BIB’s (boys in blue) can clarify that one.

It was only because of a full accident investigation that it was clear I had no part to play in the cause, but if you looked at the scene as a layman, you would have wondered what train had smashed through the area.

Please, please, please keep your eyes open for these lemmings guys and girls, people are too preoccupied with their own lives to bother looking for you, and they appear through the smallest cracks in traffic.

OMG how is your bike fella?

i hope zoe hasn’t banned you from riding!

Never Him! As Sincere says how’s the bike?


Do as Tonup has suggested, get it reported to cover yourself mate.

Just pop into any nick and ask for a self reporting accident form … get it stamped with the station stamp… and fill it in then and there or take it home and do it.

i get peed off with the little munters all the time, but as Jay says you’ve got to be really careful not to take one out - I’ve had friends who have done so and it’s just been endless hassle, and tbh no matter how dozy they are you still don’t want to be responsible for maiming someone. Oh, and if you think that claiming off someone else’s insurance is bad, try claiming for the repairs to your bike from a ped!

hope your ok dude and there isn’t any damage to the bike (if there is give us a shout if ya nee help)

i’m getting really p’d off with them at the moment, had one this morning that thought the road was his pavement, so i flipped up my visor and gave him a right load of abuse - he scurried away with his tail between his legs

Cheers for the thoughts all. Bike is fine, DRZ’s are pretty bomb proof and I literally just laid it onto the ground. Pedestrian was not injured and there was no damage to my bike so left it at that. I think he would have a hard time blaming me as there must have been around 100-200 witnesses (happened right by Farringdon tube).

However, I agree with Trojan that if it was more serious (as in I got up and punched the twat (only kidding)) I would have reported it to the nick in Snow Hill ASAP, beter to cover my arse in these litigatious days.

Hello Mate, long time no hear. Bike is fine and Zoe is great, she hates myopic pedestrians more than me so is helping to paint the pedestrian mark on the side of the tank!!!

Haven’t hit one yet, Came close on a couple of occassions, including one I mentioned on here, where a guy with severe mental problems actually ran towards me to try and get me to hit him. Wet road early morning fuzzy head, and I never even lockled up. I was very proud of that. He then proceeded rto strip off and run round like a nutter, so I called for some police help.

I actually firmly believe I have saved about 20 people’s lives since starting riding bikes. I admit I DO ride like a granny, but I’ve seen so many people stepping in between cars and not looking. My awarenes has saved them, so I reckon my Karma Credit is building up good. When I get to heaven, I’m taking the “Debauched but well meaning” package. I get the cloud and the harp, but I also get a string of semi-naked Valkyries and Thai babes to look after my every need, as well as a never-ending banquet and a new band of my choice every day to seranade me and the girls. God’s had to move with the times a bit you see…

And how many of the 100-200 witnesses did you get contact details from ? If less than 1 then they may as well have all been flicking through the mags in WHS !

I agree with Trojan, report it ASAP, 'cos if he’s feeling a bit sore today & has been watching those ‘no-win no-fee’ ‘Where’s there’s blame there’s a claim’ ads on the TV whilst munching on his cornflakes, there’s a good chance he will (assuming he got your reg number).

Once he’s done that & you haven’t, then you are F**ked, who’s to blame doesn’t matter, you’ll have failed to report & the CPS just loves to prosecute those cases as they’re so simple & more importantly they make their stats look better, which lets face it is all that really counts these days.

Glad you’re ok and that the pedestrian is to. I very nearly had a cyclist a month or so ago, 30mph minding my own business when nobby on his bike decides that red lights don’t apply to him, how i missed him and stayed on the bike I will never know.

As everyone has said, get it reported asap just in case…

Aw bugger!!! Now I have to go to the police and report this. BHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Mind you, best I am covered and all. Off to Snow Hill now.

I narrowly missed one Tuesday. Came peeling around the Museum of London rounadbout to the set of lights 20 metres down the road. Gormless fella is half way across, lights are green. I uprighted myself and slammed on the anchors. He was undecided as to whether he should make a break for it - he froze up instead. I locked the back wheel and juddered to a halt about 6 inches from him. The cars and trucks in the other lane just whistled past. I was more p!ssed that I was standing in the middle of the road with moving traffic around us. I gave him the silent stare treatment and he scuttled off.

I’d imagine in a “no witnesses” scenario it’s your word against his. Get an alibi, you weren’t there. If he trumps up some witnesses (a real danger given the lack of honour of most people these days), you’re better off having reported it. People will ask, why didn’t witnesses come forward. Get your own no win no fee lawyer if that happens. Fight fire with fire.

Considering how you hit him, please tell my that you effectively neutered him and that the reduction to the gene pool has been carried out. They are getting to be rather gormless these lemmings. My biggest problem is the “hoodies” who wear dark clothes and chose areas with no lighting to cross and they don’t look either… People who are dark skinned are also very hard to spot in the twilight zone of commuting, early morning, late afternoons.

Near misses on Oxford Street & Shaftsbury avenue are becoming a daily experience. …and as for CYCLISTS!!!

Coupla years ago I hit a young female Spanish Student in Camden. She followed her mates as they ran across the road and past me, but when a car beside me hit the horn, she jumped back into my path and I het her hard. It was on an old GPz900 too - the one with the pointy fairing.!!!

She was pretty much out cold and had a huge gash on her forehead, but lucky the driver who beeped, and a few other witnesses, all took my side…

Poor girl tho. Probably still has a scar. Cracked my fairing too, but I could hardly sue a 14yr old Spansih student on holiday.

…now let’s rant about cyclists who weave in and out of cars and buses randomly, and pull in front of fast bikes at every set of lights blocking a fast pullaway.

BTW LondonDRZ - Did you vote on the What Moto poll yet? Get in there.