One of those BCR things happ'nin tomo

Moonshine just called on a BCR (who remembers those?) for tomo (Sunday 25th). We’re LEAVING the roundabout (Romford RM5 2BH) at 9am. Be ready to leave 8.45 (FULL tank and empty bladder please).

NOT suitable for Learners/New Riders.
Stopping at Finchingfield for breakfast.
Get back to the start point at lunchtime.


Not much notice!! Booo

I know. It got sprung on me too! But the call, is the call! :wink:


eezie are you joining us?

I can’t mate. Wish I could.

I knew I should have checked in last night, too late for me now. Have a good day keep at least 50% of you rubber right side up and in contact with the tarmac :wink:


I’m too old for crashing now, hardly ride nowadays and a new tyre. Thats my excuses for not crashing done, now let’s see if I bring it or bin it!

A food delivery scooter just pulled up at the BCR roundabout. I thght the Big Guns were joining us but he just wanted directions!



BCR! No idea these were still happening - I used to come on these every Sunday on my Tuono back in 2008/2009 before selling it when I had my first child. Well, I’ve got a bike again now so might meet you all there for a bacon sandwich next time out :slight_smile:


The BCR"s are a rare thing. But as our kids are all grown up it looks like they could be back, but in a new guise. I received this from one of todays participants