One more gloating roll call

Last full day on Crete and we decided to leave the best beach for last. Front row at Phalassarna beach, prepared to spend all day to see the sun set in the water… Next stop Athens, then Hydra (despite the maritime strike) then back to Athens.

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Hail hydra.

Morning all, bit nippy! Used the auto buddy app last night to measure my fill up. Turns out that the Tuono is getting me 25mpg on a 70-80mph 30 mile commute. Thinking I should get something a bit more sensible on the road!

What was the Tracer’s mpg?

45 at worst

Is that 45miles before you felt an urge to just do another mod or just fettle with the bike?

45 mpg on a tracer
fuk that
I average 60mpg on my F hammer the hell out of it into London daily

Based on the app’s name I’d guess it’s an American one?

If so, does it default to using their little girly sized gallons rather than the proper manly sized one’s we have over here?

Afternoon all!

Afternoon all.

Nope, it’s a UK app. written by an LB member as it happens.

and it took 1 mile before I wanted to fettle something with the tracer.