One Man BCR

Needed to get out of the house for a bit today and have a break from the jobhunting so decided to do the BCR by myself !
Managed not to get too lost, not sure if I took the usual BCR route but managed to find Finchingfield and even have a little spin on the B1057 Haverhill run !
Pretty cold, roads a but wet with a couple of instances of slushy ice :w00t: but a very enjoyable couple of hours nonetheless. Made a change having no one having to wait for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Bike is in very serious need of a clean now. Any volunteers ?







that looks such a nice ride/day.

especially from where im sitting (@work) :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry could not make it today m8:angry: if you free friday i’ll post a friday bcr thread:cool:

looks like you had fun:)

If the in laws can have the little 'un on Friday I might be able to get out about half 10 on Friday ?

cool stuff:)

LOL I been there before !! remember the pond and the bridge. I gotta get a life and come out with you lot sometime if thats ok. Maybe start with a little trip to the ace as a newbie and to get my stickers first tho :slight_smile:

Looks so quiet and serene there without all those loud KTM boys popping away:D:w00t:

Actually make it 11.00 (at the roundabout)

i might be in too boys…i’m off friday! yay! if its not pissing down…we see cos i might be fishing:)

11am is ok with me m8:)

i’ll start a thread up in rideouts to get more out.

looks liek im in if the weather is ok! think tiggi will be out too, i wont be going mad, the thou is yet to rumn those roads…im excited:D:D:D:D

this is a mellow bcr rus;) stroll to finchingfeild then haverhill to get ya knee down:cool:

Yup, I’ll be joining you nutters for a little trip out! Won’t be going mad though!! If I lose ya i’ll catch up eventually :smiley:

we never leave ppl :wink: me rus or mark will be tail gunner and keep all together

Cool :smiley: