-Fractured right ankle.
-Broken right toe.
-Broken right collar bone.
-Shattered right wrist.
-Shattered right humorous.
-Soft tissue damage left & right.


dont see anything…

can any one els see it, i can see it no probs, but i did post it dont no y, you cant see it

yer I cannot see anything

I copied and paste it, dont no what i can do, dont think im allowed to post a link to the site,

you need to download the pics and upload them here… copy paste wont work

Thamx ill try that

Omg wow, yes very very lucky

holy sh1t!

Faaaark, I would v’e posted something about Kawasaki build quality but it seems a tad inappropriate.


His right wrist xray looks similar to mine :stuck_out_tongue: But wow and he survived… !

Stop bigging it up you only had k wires which were taken out

How did the bike get that totalled?

very lucky man :slight_smile:

Blimey:w00t: talk about disassembled!!!

He’s lucky he’s not in as many different bits as his bike.

He is one lucky git. :slight_smile:

The week after the crash.

Ebay: Kawa engine from clean low mileage bike

My xrays looked similar to that bar the plates so shush and im not bigging it up… and the damage was more extensive than you know so dont tell me it was “only” K wires…

Rear wheel seems to taken the main impact so it seems he either got rear-ended at great speed (the other vehicle, not him) or he high-sided on the bend, bike flipped up and landed on its back wheel., or something of that ilk.

Does seem odd though as I would expect that level of damage to have resulted in a head-on encounter.

Should have got a Suzuki… :hehe: