One lucky b*stard!

So, look at this Blackbird rider… does something very stupid and when he realizes he’s in trouble he hits the brakes so hard he goes down and slides under the car :w00t:

It probably saved him because if he would have hit the side of the SUV :w00t: Can you say “splat” ?

He should celebrate his birthday twice a year.

wonder why he didnt try to avoid it on the other side?

Lucky fella - amazed he came out of that with no broken bones - you could end up in bits after a crash like that. . .

Nice to see a happy ending :slight_smile:

very basic mistake,but good to see he walked away and that so many people run to help him,bravo to them.

Grim looking bus!!! lucky escape!

A very lucky person.

F*cking muppet! wants to drive like a pr1ck suffer the consequences.

its the bus from jeepers creepers!

he is lucky indeed.people never look at junctions/entrances like that, although id guess he was doing more then 50kph

lucky boy