One I finnished earlier

All good fun







I’m not a great busa fan but that sir is beautiful. You must be very proud

jesus mike…great job man…great job!!!



That`s amazing.

Very :cool:

Looking good :cool: So give us some spec Mike, what did ya do? :smooooth:

I have spoken to the client and at his request spec not available.

But what you can see is the bike has been re-sprayed fine metallic black.

With a polished swing arm, frame and wheel rims rear indicators removed for small LED ones.

But I can say after around 3,800rpm things start to get really interesting you can feel the big bits kick in and start to pull ya forward like a train on heat and the noise is awsome :hehe::crazy::smiley:

Wow! only gotta get it to 3800 rpm for it to go crazy, id luv to see that, cant think how crazy it would be at top end!!!

Beautiful Mike, a job very well done :slight_smile: I bet you’re very proud, and rightly-so! Looks the biz. Hehehe :slight_smile: Autobhan here it comes!

I have this feeling, I can’t put my finger on it, it has a turbo.

I wonder how it does when it comes to an MOT with no exhuast.

Superb job there Mike:)

I love the K&N Crash Bung on the LHS;)

What is that 2nd smaller pipe next to the zorst outlet for? Is that like a waste gate thingy?

the exhaust is at the front right hand side :wink:

That looks really mean, and yes I’m assuming it has a top mounted turbo with the zorst exiting the side … :slight_smile:

I’d also imagine that up untill 3,800 there is a small lag… after which the turbo has spooled up enough to launch you forward at lightning speed ! lol

Good job :slight_smile:

Why do people say that ? They spend £££££ on a conversion then don’t want people to know about it :ermm:

My engine has numerous internal mods and externally the supercharger is a bit of a give away but I’m happy to tell anybody what’s been done to it.

Looks great though Mike, mine needs a paint job but it’ll do for the time being :stuck_out_tongue:

Yours just needs a Busa rolling chassis;):smiley:

Very very nice I bet it goes like the proverbial of a shovel :slight_smile:

You will be surprised mate I have clients that dont even want pics of their bikes posted never mind the spec or M9 logo’s on the finished bike but as they are paying the bills I have to respect what they want. :smiley:

That is one beast of a machine!! Super cool work M9! :cool::cool:

Bloody hell Mike…What a beauty!!! Once again you have surpassed yourself…:D:D:D:D:D:D

Very very impressive Mike, top work there fella! :smiley:

If I ever need any work doing or have the spare cash to pamper my old girl I’ll let you know!

And Grim, when’s the turbo going on your busa then, cos I’m sure you must be bored of the out of the box performance of a 1300cc Suzuki motor by now!! :w00t: