one handed!

ive always been too scared to go for one handed tricks! but for some reason i decided to give it a go!!! :smiley: still scary though!! ive got my foot down in one pic but can hit it now with both feet up for about 10-15secs now!:smiley:

Flash Fvck ;):smiley:

nice pics! you couldnt PM me where that is could ya?

Good to see your wearing all the proper gear lancecorprolupyourarse.:stuck_out_tongue:

its down in blandford in dorset! its MOD land so there is no access to it, the bikes and vans in the background are from “the south coast wheelie school” ( i think he has a website) he has to pay a fair amount to use the area! i get to use it for free!!:P;)

trust you!! ive got body armour on!! a lot of stuff now i can just step off the bike, not really doing much fast stuff at the mo, i wear my draggins and leg pads if i’m going balls out!!:wink:

I`m only thinking of your safety dear boy.

nice one mate…but who the fuk you waveing to:P


pointing at them UFO’s that people keep spotting! has mr motto sorted that fighter out yet or what???

I saw him last week he said it was a work in progress :smiley:

nice! coming along nicely mate!

Very cool mate, nice one!

cools pics i so wanna learn how to do wheelies b4 i get to old

(b4 i get??) all ready heading that way!!:slight_smile:

nooice :slight_smile:

phuckin elle adam…get some sun on them legs will ya man!!!:w00t:.

great shots mate and soooo impressed!!!:D.


fuggin showoff !! not big and not clever :slight_smile:

only jealous mate :slight_smile: