One for the offroad/greenlaners

Especially if you need to feel a bit better about yer talents…there’s always someone worse :slight_smile:


that looks like it hurt!
I’m currently sat at home recovering from falling over when playing in the mud too, though mine looks less impresive

Ouch, for both the trials rider, and our @Boris. What happened mate?

Ambulance at sight thought i had broken a rib, turns out its soft tissue damage on my back.
Still might have to be off the bike for a couple of months though, which is annoying.

was on the first lap of the last race of the Sweet Lamb Baja rally, so at least i had a whole bunch of marshals to help and recover the bike from the side of a hill


Oh mate, that was hard to watch. Glad there’s no breaks. Got some osteo lined up?
Hope you mend up quickly.

Mate that’s the worst, just fell awkwardly. Could have gone in 99 other directions and would have been fine.

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cheers, looking into what i can get now.

there were several people who fell off on that section over the weekend, but they usually went right and just had to lift the bike off a bank, i managed to hit the ground where i dont have any armour too.