One for the ladies... HUBBA HUBBA!!!

Drool… dribble…

Next MotoGP I get to, I gonna have to interview the lovely Marco… He he he…


wallpaper XPD.jpg

Oh and James Ellison… The list goes on… …




Phwoarrrrr Lucky Lucky you…

Niiiicce,but the first one has his boots in the way

ding dong!! x

yes, so what are you going to do with that guy? he/s 4 foot tall! lol

Ok, he’s good looking but also looks like one of those child that developed early, I have seen the guy for real and he and Loris capirosi are smaller than the bike!

Ok, I confess, I have to go on a diet… lol

I think you should go to the gps and take loads of pics from the racers for the girls Foxy. LB will be only site to have a dedicated gallery to girl, showing the racers, (arghh) other atributes, lol

Pah there are much better looking guys on the site!

Mind, if the racers start wandering about in lycra catsuits with ‘Lindford lumps’ you can get some other paddock monkey to take the pics.

You have a very scary mind old boy

i`ll do it!!

And the tables have turned! Nice pair of boots

Alright boys, you know who we prefer really

Foxy, such a tough job

yeah ginger!!! ha ha, I AM JOKING BTW

good mornin!

my thoughts exactly sincere! x

Ive met Marco and boyo boyo boy !!! Good looking or WHAT ??? Shame hes a baby, literally…for me !!! But hey…still a good looking baby !!! Never mind Cesar…i still love ya !!!

LoL Cezar!!!


Hello? Anyone there?


Foxy you lucky devil. Do you need someone to go with you on the day to carry your bags?

It’s a tough job, but someone a has to do it…

MMMMmmm… Young, Fit, well toned up, bodies to die for and extremely talented… the list goes on!!!

I’ll have to get me one of those sooper dooper cameras… and then I can follow them round the world, just for the girls on LB…


Westfazer behave mate! lol, every pan has it’s tap, my father use to say …