One for all you police officers

especially any in north london edmonton enfield area, what would the police want an industrial estate for, every day i see loads of unmarked and marked cars going in and out of an industrial estate near me, was just being nosy and wondered what would it be for???

Maybe there is a snack wagon there :smiley:

pmsl or a donut van lol:D

In Colliers Wood there is a workshop in an industrial estate the police use to work on their vehicles - I beliive this sort of thing is all contracted out these days.

They were planning on setting up patrol bases - away from the traditional Police Station - might be one of them

Or as it’s an industrial estate they might use it for stunting…


:wink: thats my trick lol

s’not very covert is it?

Think some of you would be very surprised at the amount of buildings that the Met has and uses … could be a variety of reasons Curtis, I’m a southie so don’t know it.

The one in Enfield is in Lincoln Road,Waltham Forest have one off Blackhorse Lane,they’re called patrol bases as stated.All about selling off the old red brick nicks for redevelopment probably:D

Terryoystercardman take note don`t do wheelies there.:smiley:

As people say it could be a patrol base.

The one Trojan is at is probably No.1 Brixton Road.

There’s also one over By the west side of the bow fly over and a big traffic unit at Wellington Ave (or road) E3.

Lincoln Road also has a Securicor/DHL depot who used to do maintenance on MET and BTP vehicles.

My guys are elsewhere and not on the Brixton rRoad but yep, that is one of those new fangled patrol base things.

At the moment the idea is to build a load of ‘Super Nicks’ that will house loads of us and get rid of all the small divisional stations.

Bad idea in my view but my thoughts count for squat !

Super Nicks…is that new slang for ‘prison’? :wink:

It takes long enough for the local police to get 100m down the road anyway (speaking from experience, it took them 1hr30). Is there anywhere to sign up voicing our oppinions that its a bad idea? Or is there any more info on that so we can know more?

Decisions have already been made that this is the way forward,does’nt matter what anyone thinks,its called progress apparently,personally I think being able to call your local station was better,local knowledge and all that!!!

Rant over!:w00t:

The opposite of what they are doing out in South Wales where they are decentralising all police operations into smaller divisional stations with a main super station for prisoners.