One-Day Insurance

Can anybody recommend an insurer that does one-day cover? Or that’s easy to cancel after just that one day?

I’ve just bought my first bigger bike, but still to do my DAS. So the boyfriend is going to ride said new bike all the way from Worthing to London for me, as I go pillion. grumble

26 reads and nobody knows?

I got a month’s insurance from ebike - can’t remember how much it was though but I seem to remember it seemed like less of the faf that policies have with very very short term deals…


I’m using ebike now. Need to insure my boyfriends new bike for a few weeks in my name until he’s got his license sorted. Other providers are Flexirider and 1dayInsure, but they don’t provide cover in the winter months.

Thank you for the kind introduction to Google, but the reason I’m asking is because I just don’t have the time to do the trawling!

Thanks others, eBike it is. I guess you never know when that day you originally wanted stretches longer.

I actually ended up getting a full year’s policy with them… within the original short-term month got a flat tyre on easter Sunday and was recovered in 40mins…

I’m not 100% certain but Insurance policies should have a cooling off period. Some may charge a ‘reasonable’ cancellation fee but the cost may still work out cheaper than a 1 day policy.

Cheers folks. Insurance achieved, and now I have a shiny bike outside I’m still not qualified to ride!

I know the feeling…I’m in the same situation!

So tempting to take it out for a spin isn’t it?? :crazy:

Very bloody tempting! She’s really giving me the come on, as well. It’s going to be a fruity first ride, that’s for sure.

Read the terms and conditions for ebike. You need to be the owner + registered keeper.

I am the registered owner and keeper :wink: