One apopleptic teenager...

What a bunch of nobs! I’m with the chillis idea too! :smiley:

I’m not a violent person but i once caught someone trying to steal my dustcaps :w00t:

I wasnt happy about it!

You need to give one or all of them a good beasting.Only thing they understand.I’ll happily pop along if needed :slight_smile:

I’m pro “having a word with menaces” but the problem is you suddenly become the accused.

Those Cyclone alarms are serious business and there’s nothing wrong with fitting one to a 125. You’ve got the bike protected all the time that way. (But not Thatcham rip off rated so no insurance reduction.)

The chilli peppers route sounds good and a hoot. Go on line and find a site in Hampshire (I think) that grows a whole variety. A couple come with health warning labels attached they’re so hot.

Just remember, wear your gloves!

You have their names, and you have the evidence, and if they are at your college then you can possibly go through the college to get some disciplinary via that route. Find out how much a new mudguard is and what is the full cost of the repairs and then get a small claims against them. Just get a bit legal on their ass and they will soon be a bit more sheepish.

You have a name and you have damage and a pic of a dude sitting on a bench in front of your bike. No hard evidence, you’ll need CCTV or witnesses for a legal claim I expect.

Good luck dealing with this. There’s also a cheap (£25) thing called an Alarm Mine :smiley:

Oh? i thought the guy on the bench was the guy thats getting all this trouble? this is a difficult one cos like shewolf said, they are now out to bug you every time they can by moving ur bike…u might come out one day and find it round the back of the building or some such place! They are not going to stop now they have found their daily “lets see his face today” fix…u have got to find another place to park up, u have to try and get a longer chain or some way of chaining up the bike…or why cant u ask in the college if they can let u park where THEY do (if they have designated areas) so that your bike wont keep getting damaged by other students (that makes me laugh, students? i dread to think)…and if they wont let u do that, then u will go and get quotes for repairs to ur bike and present them to the college as its happening on their property while you are attending lessons…tell them you cant afford for them to let other students vandalise your property, so if they wont meet what you are asking and provide a safe place to park up, they will have to pay for the damages you are getting…?

I hate these kind of pack animals with one a-hole that seems to lead them (or rather one that likes the limelight of the other lemonheads that follow like sheep and think its all a laugh) till u get them alone and they sing like effing birds!

mate sent you a PM on this might be able to help you out with this one.

baseball bat. hunt them down one at a time so as not to be outnumbered. :slight_smile:

This works.



fit a nudge sensor alarm on it? saying that my new one p*sses me off everytime I try covering it, it activates itself and goes off! but yeh an alarm would scare em off

Get an alarm disc lock if you can’t afford a whole alarm.

Like the chilli idea though, very cunning.

The problem with anything like this is it just escalates… and that’s how wars start!

this would incense me! should’ve been nipped in the bud but obviously it’s too late now, action must be taken!
definately have a chat with site security, if they won’t help, do the chilli thing, if that doesn’t work, chain it to a lamppost.

lol i totally argree!!! I’d be totally p*$$ed off too!!! its your baby, they have no right at all! like some1 else said, fond out if they have a car and smash the f&k out of it!!

Bunch of idiots! I bet they’re jealous that you have a motorbike and they use the single decker buses! or even better they get dropped off by their parents :smiley:

Like I say, the only thing that they’ll understand is a good beasting.see how the little twats like it when a grumpy 18st biker (or two) has a few pointed words :slight_smile:
If I found them on my bike they’d be eating through a straw for 6 months

Don’t they teach teenagers in F’ ing ham to spell apoplectic right?!

Sorry - bad joke. Since it happened in school grounds, wouldn’t it be best to take it up with the school, rather than risk getting expelled for dusting someone with a baseball bat. If it was on school property, then you probably need to alert the headmaster, and inform the school authorities that kids are tampering with your motorcycle, and you have names X Y Z. You can inform the police, however they will most likely do nothing since a) nothing was damaged b) no one was trying to steal it.

A little short of adding several motion triggered siren alarms to deafen the hell out of the pranksters, you’re probably not going to help matters if you come across as the grumpy teenager who can’t take a practical joke. It’s not like they care that it’s your pride and joy. They’ll just think they didn’t cause any damage, so why are you getting your knickers in a twist? Just my £0.01

Get a security chain, and make a pact with one of the other motorcyclists who use the car park, to share the lock so that you can chain your bike to his and you both have a key each. That will cut down the risk of them being able to move your bike too.

Good luck!

Tricky one this as its very f*cking annoying.

If you get physical then you will very quickly become the accused and be in the wrong in most peoples eyes. Its always the one who hits back that gets done usually.

If you go the chilli route, you’re just escalating it and engaging with the idiots.

I’d (reluctantly) go the other way. Inform the school, move the bike and chain it down to something big and heavy. Diffuse the situation.

Rest assured they will get bored and move onto some other person soon enough.

how about we all cyber bully the [email protected] :smiley:

I have a spare disc lock Pm me your address and I’ll post if for free . :slight_smile:

first of all speak to the people doing it, in a calm and polite way, and tell them that it is your motorbike and not a play thing for them. point them in the direction of the local swings if thay seem upset.

Speak to your school/college and tell them what is happening. Most likely they’ll say that you park at your own risk. But re-inforce that the headmaster wouldn’t like you to spend your lunch break sat on his car roof. They should at least have a quite word with the people involved. if not issue a general warning to all students reminding them of “personal property”

Make sure the school write something down aswell.

then if it doesn’t stop and they damage your bike then you’ll have to go to the police and report the names you know for criminal damage.