One apopleptic teenager...

I’m so insanely pi$$ed off right now it’s not even vaguely funny.

I ride my bike into college every day, happy as larry. I don’t care that it only does 31, I don’t care it sounds like a lawnmower, I love it to bits because it’s mine and it looks gorgeous. I’m sure many of you will understand/sympathise with my feelings on this.

So, imagine my burning anger when I find people sitting on it, pretending to rev it and trying to wheel it around (when it’s still got the fscking disc lock on it) yesterday. I tell them to buttsecks off, and they do, and all is well.

Until today, when, during my free period, I return to the car park after getting some lunch, I find that they have had the sheer audacity to physically pick up and move it, albeit only a few meters backwards. I’m annoyed, but I suck it in, remove the lock and wheel it back into the motorcyle bay.
An hour later, on my return from the shops with some friends, I’m told that my bike has been ‘put behind a bench’. Now, I’m annoyed, but the bench I’m thinking of is about two meters to the left of the bike, hardly long-distance.
But no, I return to find they have carried it 10-15 meters up a small hill and depositied it behind a bench, with no thought to the safety of the bike or it’s working parts. I find that they’ve let the front wheel spin, so that it’s taken a massive chunk out of the front mudguard (where the disc lock goes), the front left fork housing is scratched and they’ve scraped the paint off one of my bar ends.

I don’t think words can describe just how fscking angry I am right now.

Sorry to rant, needed a vent.

PS - They even had the audacity to take pictures and make fun of it.

Buy a baseball bat, and get out of class for a few minutes.

They’re [email protected]

any of them have a car or something they love?

smash the f**k out of it :crazy:

see how does one deal with this without tearing out eyeballs?

Oh and chain it down

If you don’t want to go for the eye for an eye method (which would be my choice) check for CCTV footage and make a report to the police for theft and criminal damage and print off that photo to show them, also report it to your collage.

I would, except there’s nothing to chain it to. Nothing at all. I might try and convince the school to put up some railings/poles at the front of the motorcycle bay to chain stuff up to, but apparently this kind of thing has never been a problem.

The problem is how you dealt with it initially. Not that anybody has the right to sit on your bike and play with it but you obviously pissed off a bunch of kids. You would have been much better off asking if any of them ride or want to learn and explaining how much it costs to replace scratched broken bits. With this in mind, would they mind not climbing on it etc.

As for what to do now…my 1st thought is criminal damage as that is what they have done. If I was you, I’d find somewhere else to park in where you can chain it as they’re likely to pick on you for a while longer over this.

where was this? i would love to pop in and have a word…

a mate had a similar problem at an east london college, he caught them sitting on it eventually and went mental at them!! they walked away muttering etc…then teh next day one of teh lads walked up to my mate and apologised and said if it were his bike he would be just as pissed off.

seriously man, have a word, i be happy to help!:wink:

Effingham. Very south west of London.

And Shewoolf, I’ve actually previously explained how expensive the bike is, the ins and outs of it. I won’t let them ride it because… well… I don’t trust them with it, and it’s £2500 worth of bike. But didn’t seem to make them leave it alone, so now I have this to deal with.

yeh bring ratty along & he can dry bum them:D failing that a siren disk alarm

I’m considering a siren alarm. Kinda expensive though.

We shall see!

I agree in the CCTV thing, if there is you should tell them you have footage and that they can get done for what they did and then see what happens.

ah i know there!

expalining to them will make no diffrence, they obviously have no respect for other peoples property, if you dont own it, dont touch it…simple. if you do be prepared to be told…

seeing as you know at least one of their names report it to the college, or see if you can find out there address and pay them a visit and have a chat with thier parents.

Here you go mate this is the one i have on my bike at the mo and it works great for a cheap alarm and very loud :smiley:

I’m definitely going for one of them when I get my big bike, I don’t think a full system is suitable for such a small-capacity bike.

+1 for Afro’s solution to the little sh!ts how long before they try it with a bigger bike ?

Take a couple of red chillies to college with you and rub the juice on your grips - they won’t know it’s there until they rub their eyes / go for a whizz / pick their noses later :smiley:

I love this. :smiley:

Very secret agent…Although small traces of plutonium on the bars would work even better :hehe:

You gotta turn up for college the next day wearing a Red Hot Chilli Peppers t-shirt just to rub their noses in it :smiley:

I might do that just for the hilarity issue. I actually have an RHCP t-shirt…