Once again "The Gaff" metal pub closed down :(

so yesterday as i’m walking, everynow and again i like to give a quick glance to my favourite places (even though i don’t visit them often) and yesterday as i looked to the otherside of the street for metal/punk/rockabilly pub that i have soft spot for… and i cant see it!!! and what do i see in its place A FCKING COSTA COFFEE PLACE wtf!! i actually stopped dead in the middle of the street with this expression on my face :w00t::angry: :frowning: :crying: do i fcking need another chain place? do i f*cking need bunch of business men or squares, or family types sipping their god damn coffee in my area??? i’d rather see a gathering of punks drinking outside and being loud.

oh god, world is so cruel, uptight consumer government wants get rid of free thinkers and odd characters. ugh…not all of us want to have jobs and work all our life for the good of the whole economy and government, not all want to reproduce to bring another baby into this world where you’re just a number you just another citizen who should go to school, then go to college/uni then find work, then settle down and then die, feeling happy that they’ve lived their pathetic lives like the person next door! not all want to be sheep.

salute to everyone on the edge of society. and well done for gaff relocating to Boston Arms pub near Tufnell park station. :slight_smile:

**chill ** anna :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s just annoying it’s not the first metal pub i see get closed down.

i remember there used to be a gothic Marlborough Head pub somewhere in oxford street and then it got turned into a bistro pub… :frowning: loads of people including me had memories

Yeah, most of the metal places seem to get a tough ride. Crobar is still going though! Now if anything ever happens to there, I really will be heartbroken…

Most metal peep dont wanna spend…simples.

That’s just not true. ALL metal/alternative places are rammed in the evening.

Fuck yea Anna …rock on baby…!!! Now get you tats out

The Plough on Kenton road is now a curry house and the Bandwagon in Kingsbury is a Tesco Metro. Two metal pubs from my mis-spent youth.:crying:

Anna - Fibbers pub nearer to Highbury Corner has taken on some of the rockabilly stuff from the Gaff - my mates psychobilly band played there a couple of weeks ago.

It’s all good - chill sista :smiley: Q

Do you not know how badly the hospitality industry had been hit with the recession and the rise in beer tax? Its nothing to do with the government trying to shut this kinda thing down and stop free thinkers! Pubs are closing down and changing hands left right and center. It was probably sold by the company as they were not making enough profit and pubs that are on the decline are being sold off to other companies who believe they can turn them around. Punch Taverns is a prime example.
In 2010 every week 28 pubs would close down… So no i doubt its the government…

Yup, I was surprised too, when my mate told me “The Gaff” had shutdown, but only for renovation, did not know they opened a Costa in its place … what a shame.

Meantime, he found another cool rock/punk pub just up the road, think its called “Aces and Eights” … been there once to watch a live performance and to enjoy the large pizza … definitely worth a visit

+1 popular well known metal hang outs are always packed and i don’t see them all drinking water, people get drunk if not more drunk.

i’m into metal/grunge/rock mainly, will check this place out though bro/sis :slight_smile: :smiley: ( sorry i don’t think i’ve met you so i don’t know if you’re a guy or a girl)

hmm…interesting gotta check this one out too! :slight_smile:

the one i like and always liked since they decided to be metal pub is Unicorn…they play free gigs too! good place, always wanted for them to do well.

yep i heard it all before in the news, at one point couldn’t look anywhere without seeing and hearing it being mentioned.

More to the point though:Malborough Head got gothic venue got closed down about 5 years ago - there was no recession back then

Intrepid Fox - got closed down from soho, also about 5 years ago - there was not recession then, then finally moved to Tottenham crt road.

London Astoria music venue got closed down to make way for railway or underground about 2 years ago

there used to be another gig venue sometime back in the 90’s just 5 min away from London Astoria…guess what? now it’s and eversince is weatherspoons.

and other metal pubs/venues that got closed down before recession hit, that i cannot be bothered to list as i don’t want to waste my time

Pubs were closing down like wildfire even before the recession hit :slight_smile: I studied the subject for 4 years i should know :slight_smile: So its all to do with things like the smoking ban/beer tax/demographics etc i could email you my dissertation if you like it has alot of statistics and it explains why all these pubs are closing :slight_smile:

Like i said earlier, ‘chill sista!’ Q

:smiley: no it’s ok :slight_smile: i know you’re familiar with this industry, so i’d be quite worried as to how long your message is going to be :smiley: and i’m not sure i’d have time to read, as i’ve already got two books lined up to read

Hi Anna,

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