onboard with james toseland (07 CBR 600 RR)

Heres some “unofficial” footage from James’s bike…

Its was taken at the US press launch of the new CBR600RR at Barber raceway alabama.

This is a bog standard CBR600RR on OE fitment road rubber and all the bikes on the track are CBR6’s.

Theres a nice bit at the end where the guy comes to get his camera back and says “cheers James” he looks like the fat guy from PB cant rember his name, the one who did the cannonball on a kwaka 1400 this year.

Nice work James, cant wait for next season WSB !!


Half a lap, and he’s killing everyone! His corner speed is phenomenal!

Roll on 2007!

That’s proper fast, too bloody fast! I’d like to see a high quality version of that video. The guy’s a star…

yeah jay vid has Definitely been compressed to much… shame

but still cool

The oly thing James Toseland has done wrong in my eyes during his career was to go on ‘Superstars’

Bring on 2007 - miss all that wicked racing at this time of year

SUUUUUUUUUPERB, roll on my first track day, i think i could lap him!LOL

non of this three sighter laps for Mr Toseland then, hope he had tyre warmers on if not then bugger me, cained everyone in half a lap.

As you all say roll on the spring, and Brands for me!

Poor Internet video is unacceptable nowadays.

This is not 1995.

agreed with afro there

Oh boy! Does that thing hold a line or what

Damn…that guy is WICKED fast…he was KILLING those guys within a half lap…that left hander after the “mini backstraight” was something else…into it at the redline in 1st…then all over second to the redline…while COMPLETELY leaned over…balls of steel, that kid…

IMPRESSIVE bit of riding…shame about the ****e video quality, though.