on way to work and saw biker down

on the way to work lots of traffic by teleford way a406 new southgate

(i work just next it)

biker down and i know he/she is dead

looks like a truck and biker

but road was closed from one end to the other

people saw a red and black bike

and its been on the news

and people have been ringing me to make sure it wasnt me

but dont know full story

How awful, weather was terrible earlier, seems a bit better now. Ride carefully! They forecast really bad wind (no not the kind that comes out of your bums :whistling.

Very glad to hear from you mate. When I saw where it was on the travel websites I thought of you because I know where you work, if I’d known about the red & black bike thing I’d have been well worried. RIP, whoever you were.

Did you get your leak fixed?

cheers micky

alot of my work mate were all stuck in the traffic so they called me

and yes the cap is working fine i will pop round and pay my debts

see you soon

No hurry, I’m away till Monday. Glad you got it sorted.

r.i.p. brave biker x

My thoughts and sorrows go out to you …

who ever you are…

sleep tight brave biker…

not so smiled.

U know someone with a red and black?
Get in touch with them!

RIP whoever you are.
MAke sure you leave a streak o rubber at them pearly gates as you rock on by!