on this day-1964-Brighton


I would have so been there on my Vespa!

I love the history of the mods & rockers, it’s amazing how it’s evolved into modern biking. We’re all mods & rockers at the same time in different ways. Mods were clean cut boys and girls, and rockers were fast and dirty, but nowadays the fast boys are clean cut and well presented and other traits mingle with other types of bikers.

There’s now no such divide, we’re all bikers, with different interests and different styles, but we all love two wheels.

I would actually like to see an article about the whole London Mods & Rockers scene and how things have evolved. Foxy, what do you think?

Great idea Jay…

Foxy I got some info on the early days of the 59 Club down in the Eastend you could add.

barro was probably there!!

the bikers used to also race from ace to high beech and back again…

i still reckon the mods are alive and kickin, esp. round farringdon area…

with their burbery scarfs, waterproof skirts and satchels…

hey, if Flatout had thought at time, he could have arranged the brighton run tonight, for a “renactment”


Barro was there ya cheeky git……a “little Barro” was any way…!!

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