*#!!!!!! on the road

Rather hacked off this morning i slow right down to 5-10mph for the right turn lane for my work and the front slides out quickly i managed to get my foot down but where the bike had jerked i blipped the throttle so now its flipped over to the left and some how i kept the bike off the road but snapped my left rider peg!!

Good save, just a peg, £10 on ebay, or do what I do, just ride with broken pegs!

Glad you and the bike are ok

im pegless on that side so need to get another one today

I did a similar thing - turning into my place of work and losing the front and going down on oil - except it actually turned out to be cooking fat!

Place I worked at was next to a restaurant, and they piled a load of refuse bags on the pavement to be collected which were leaking cooking fat into the road. . . :doze:

damn mate! quick reactions there… maybe too quick!

glod you didnt loose more than a peg!

sounds luckly mate, could easily have been worse!!

I think if we have a wip round we could get you an LB one!!:wink:

good save!

i hit some diesel on a roundabout some years back, one minute you’re up, next minute you down…

Nice save. Seems like greasy roads are a serious problem :frowning:

well ive made one out of a steel bar i found it even pivots up like the old one. Found one at a breakers so should have it in afew days.

be carefull out there i take this trip every day for the last 18months and that has never happend glad i didnt go into on coming traffic

Lucky by the sounds of it, well dont for saving yourself and the bike:)

with your luck, have you ever thought of riding a trike? lol Glad you’re still upright tho’

with my luck??? you lot must think im down the road all the time geez i do know how to ride atleast my bike gets away lightly and rebuilt.

ive had 1 major crash thanks to a car door the other little things have been gravel, stupid person walking and now some oil but all of these are things i couldnt avoid or get around s**t happens

good save mate…least it was only a peg to replace :slight_smile:

Good save.

How many near offs / offs are you going to have this year man? :crazy:

Take it easy, and don’t take this the wrong way but maybe get a riding assessment by a pro like on Bikesafe.

Yeah, I broke my knee on this day last year at a similar speed!:blush:

Good save Shiver. I’m sure the English football team could use you!

well heres the make shift peg till the new one turns up and the other picture is the right side of the tyre which was when it first lost grip then flicked over to the right

hey i cant help it if i dont see the oil in with the water never had this happen before. going to have a look at the spot in the morning see what it is and if i just didnt see it or not.

glad you and the bike are okay!!!
just be happy its just a peg rather than anything else :slight_smile:

i did a similar thing when i first got my cbr1100,

and i need to tell all you pegless riders out there, its THREE POINTS classed as very dangerous in the eyes

of the law,and the prosecuter maks is sound realbad to the judge.

i was lucky that day think the judge got he way with his misie/or matie/

becareful out there

ride safe