On my way to the Big Brother house

leaving in a few moments to become a stand in at the Big Brother house on Channel 5 !!!:w00t:

i don’t know whats going to happen today but i’ll grab some pics and stick em on here and on my facebook page…:wink:

wish me ol lucko’s and hopefully i’ll get LB in there somewere hehehe:D

gotta run!!..i need a sh1t!!


haha good luck

u should be in the house!! :w00t:

Good luck toots x

Have fun! :slight_smile:

" shane your live on channel five this aint no channel four so please do let rip " gonna be a mental day enjoy .

Please do not swear.

Any odds on Shane getting his will:Dy out?

Should do sweep stakes on that as well as how long before shane swears!

2 seconds for him to swear, i.e. “Fark this is amazing.”
30 minutes for him to get his c0ck out.

why on earth would you want to go in there? lol

Why has nobody cracked on to the fact it is “Celebrity Big Brother” and he’s winding you up?

Honestly … some people :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Right you whip your d*ck out for the presenter (whoever it is these days) and I’ll buy you a burger and a tea a tthe teahut! :smiley:

Well he is more of a celebrity than some of the faces I’ve seen reportedly going in…


i do hope its true.

the fact that he needs to go to channel 5 and that needs a **** speaks volumes :laugh:

Shane, you’re live… Don’t say “Fu*k” or “Buggar”… :smiley:

lol, oops :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with the sh1t

Good luck, n injoy it:D

if you get in, give those jedward twats a fucking good slap from me please :slight_smile: