On a lighter note

Are there any serious musicians amongst you bikers??? I mean can you really play a musical instrument semi professionally in a band? if so please pm me and I will explain.



oh and please leave out the jokes… or save them for later. ta.

I can fart “Old Shep” after a skin full and a ruby !!!


what about “my ole mans a dustman” then ??

i can play the triangle…

I can play the air guitar!!!

looks like we got ourselves a band…

ooook, dare I say I have at least managed to lift the grim and dark mood brought by the recent bad events…

u bastids!!

Im always on the Fiddle !!!..

no disrespect intended i still have a black avatar out of respect, jus trying to raise a smile keep the LB spirits up…

of course i understand, but you know we can all be responsible enough to mourne a loss of a friend and try to reflect at how lucky we are to be still here in one place… all due respect to all.