Ive just had Kim Medcalf in the shop asking about scooters, for those of you who don tgive a flying feck she plays Sam Mitchell in Eastenders… what a lovely girl… ooh itds made my day…:w00t:

About the only people I’d recognise if I met them would be Margaret Thatcher and Billie Piper :w00t:

Ibet youve often had a tommy tank over Maggie…:w00t::smiley:

did you get her phone number ?


Where have you been Westie?

She aint bin in Beastenders for years;)

Westie obviously has a life!!! and no time to watch such drivvle :wink: you on the other hand…???:smiley:

I’m working when its on mate;)

yer yer :rofl::door:

lol yeah I thought she left a while back. She’s the one with one eye higher than the other ? Can’t remember. Good form on her otherwise is all I remember.

ok after a second’s research I find this :

Be afraid, very afraid.

i did not know who you meant until i looked!

Ahh she is my sister. My name is Alex (middle name) Phil. Mitchell


yes i hardly ever watch tv these days, always out, got such a fab social life…:w00t: