OMG OMG - check out the weather for this weekend and next week!!!!!!

oh an by no one has answered the money question… farmers bet on weather so its useful… but if they’re so good at modelling the potential future and are getting so “close to accurate” why aren’t they applying that “model” to the stock exchange… ? Is weather really that much more interesting except to create something for the English to chat about to fill awkward silences in conversations between people who are either uncomfortable together or know relatively little about each other… I mean I could go on like this endlessly, but most people get bored about 3 words in anyway, so shout wen you’ve had enough :wink:

and by another way… money says that this “Sunday prediction” today will shift and change through multiple changes between now and then… so whats the point of publishing utterly speculative info today… ? Are we that bored that we need to discuss made up stuff before it happens?

I’ll be offroading in Fuerteventura by the weekend, bet you a pound that it’s sunny, warm and fun :smiley:

Bad news for Toby though - me going away on holiday is pretty much a guarantee of a heatwave in the UK.

Hmmmm you made the betting a bit too complicated Tobi, and now my home PC is refusing to boot so I am in a shitty mood. Still if you are right in some way, let me know and I’ll buy you a pint!

so…whats the weather like for sunday? :smiley:

I thought Simon was saying it would be sunny and warm, I don’t know how he’s been tricked into backing cold weather? Seems a little harsh! :doze:

you know the definition of a white christmas is “1 snowflake on the roof of the Met Office” … its just ridiculous :slight_smile:

Yeah Andy - that’s right!!!




i would like both my bikes to be at home with me so that I may ride what fuel I can afford to run out or even just to wash and polish them . Pity I cant cause they arent at mine :frowning:

stupid scrotes! even more stupid banks for upping my % and EVEN MORE FUCKING STUPID ME for using my CCard all the way with no reserve to be needed to use my CCard to make my **** secure :confused:

Dearest Jaime, not wishing to detract from your security problems.

Surely the CC took more of a bashing on yer tour of SE England last Saturday night?

My advice is to keep Claire in check and maybe chain her to the sink and bed.

This may seem extreme but slight as she is she does not need no Almax.

20 feet of cheap chain and a Squire lock should not cost more than £30.

No need to thank me, it`s an LB service.

Now you`ve done it how about a rideout on Sunday?

the weather has change for the worse again.

you’re happy now Toby? :angry:

And it’s still getting worse :angry: forecast for The Ace (NW London)…

Heavy rain most of Saturday, max temp 11 degrees.
Light rain Sunday morning then cloudy, max temp 15 degrees.

Still I’ll aim to be at the ACE Sunday lunch time.

It’s gonna be sunny on Sunday dammit!!!

Toby - you would have won the bet :stuck_out_tongue:

good bit of rain will do the roads a world of good…bye bye salt:D

at least it aint cold;)

that would make him even more grumpier…out of a job, easy 50 quid. oh well. :smiley:

The bet as it was last mentioned, Simon would win more the colder Sunday gets…

True Andy but that is the opposite to what I was saying. I’m an “annoyingly” optomstic person ( my wife finds it annoying) so I was thinking it was for sure gonna be warmer than 15. The forecast is now saying 21 for my area!

Yep. Dry and 19 still in my area.