OMG OMG - check out the weather for this weekend and next week!!!!!!

So frickin excited!

Is that sarcasm?..

It… can’t be! :w00t:

No for real!

19 degrees on Sunday!!!

HOLY ****!

BBC is telling me it’ll be cloudy, sunny and rainy! I hope your source is correct!

metcheck is saying rain on saturday, sun on sunday…

It’s too early to tell for Sunday

I know I know! I saw that this afternoon and was jumping up and down too :smiley:

It’s going to be lovely. I get home late on Sunday evening, and expect a week of pootling about on the motorcycle in beautiful sunny weather :slight_smile:

perfect for the racing weekend :wink:

Ermagehrd. Fantastic - I got soaked this morning, some sun would be looooovely :slight_smile:

I would agree it’s still a bit early for a reliable forecast though. I’m sure at one point early last week, it said this weekend just gone would reach 19…

Sat 13 AprMorning9 °c8 °c0.1 mm0 %5 mph1014 mb1550 mIn DetailAfternoon15 °c13 °c0.2 mm26 %12 mph1015 mb1950 m
Evening8 °c8 °c0.9 mm91 %10 mph1017 mb2762 m Sun 14 AprMorning14 °c12 °c0.0 mm76 %14 mph1019 mb3036 mIn DetailAfternoon18 °c18 °c0.0 mm65 %15 mph1018 mb2794 m
Evening10 °c8 °c0.0 mm39 %6 mph1018 mb2854 m

I’ll take 18. Hell I’ll take 15 and a bit of sun.

BBC is now saying the same thing… :smiley:

Will people PLEASE stop trying to predict weather by looking at weather forecasts… they all say different things and they are MOSTLY wrong…
Predicting weather in this country is like calling yourself a psychic. If you say enough variation, some of it is bound to come true… that doesn’t mean you were right, just blanket bombing with ideas…

Besides if you can predict the future, why weather? Why not the stock exchange or horses… ?

yup weather in this country is constantly changing… that’s why it’s very difficult to predict so far in advance. I usually find though that the day before they usually get it right. Which is fair imo…

For example you can see on BBC that Sun evening rain is due in. From now till Sunday a lot could change in the wind and other factors to mean this rain hits earlier than expected. Fingers crossed it won’t though :slight_smile:

Jeeze Toby, are you feeling grumpy today. I find weather forecasts are a hell of a lot better these days.

How about this - I will trust the forecast and bet you £50 that it hits 16 degrees C (or better) in London on Sunday. So - if you are soooo sure they are full of shite, you should be able to take that bet - right??? :slight_smile:

Agreed. I don’t think they do all disagree. All seem to be saying 16-20 degrees. I’ve not seen any yet saying 5 degrees, or snow…

Also, you think people don’t try and predict the stock exchange or the horses?!?! You think everyone is simply guessing where to place their money? :w00t:

Of course, I’m not saying they can’t get it wrong…

if its true, it will be time to get the knee siders out :smiley:

OK, in answer to your first question… sorry, that’s what I’m always like… no real reason, just incredibly short attention span and find the infinite repetition of a narrow spectrum of topics incredibly frustrating… but then I am incredibly repatitive myself, so hey ho… I’m a grumpy hypocrite :wink:

Second, can’t take a £50 bet cos I’m struggling financially right now and do accept that some weather forecasting may be true, even yours… but can’t risk £50 to find out …

thirdly I’m v unlucky at gambling however to show good sportsmanship instead of a soft easy odds bet saying 16 when the Beeb says it could go to 18, I’m going put a 1 pound on 18, against a pound from you on 16 with a pound per point of the difference to whoever is closer… eg 18degrees wins me 3 from you cos I was right and you were 2 away 17 no one wins anything cos we’re both wrong and equally distant… and logically vie versa ok, sound good? I have no idea but I think this is spread betting but I may be wrong… this way there’s risk without the wife taking away my credit cards… you in?

(By the way, this mad spontaneous outbreak of high risk gambling is NOT condoned by LB and is conducted with their complete ignorance (snigger) and NON involvement/participation… )