OMC Training - Basic Bike Maintenance - 1st session.

Dear All,

We will be holding our first training session on Tuesday 5th July.

The session will aimed at basic bike maintenance, this will cover topics such as;
chain inspection and adjustment,
brake inspection,
lever free play and adjustment,
inspection of cycle parts: what to look and feel for,
keeping the machine in road worthy condition.

The course will be hands on, where appropriate.

Date 5th July
Time 7pm
Duration 2-3hrs
Location OMC
Spaces no more than 10.

The cost £35

If you like a Haynes Motorcycle Maintenance Techbook, (recommended)
then please let us know when booking. RRP £22.99 our price £18,
We can also get you bike specific manuals, prices range from £16 - £22.

Please call 020 7720 3621 to book.

Loverly job !!

Oh farksticks, just realised I’m in f’ing Birmingham that night for work. Meh. Maybe next time. :frowning:

Any chance of day-time courses?

Damn - would like to do this but unfortunately will be in Norfolk that week…hopefully you will be doing another one soon…

That could be just the thing to get me started on grease monkeying, I managed to change the oil on my old scooter but nothing more technical than topping up the tyres so far on the bike.

Just hope I can stay awake that late:P

I think the link is wrong btw, should be

i will be up 4 this :smiley:

ah, exactly what I need with those covered topic :w00t:
I’m in, where to pay and by when?
Count me in for a Hayes manual as well please :slight_smile:

btw, the bike specific manual, those are Hayes too?
If so, I’d rather take a bike specific manual, Yamaha FZS1000 '01 model.

Let me know please where and by when to transfer funds :slight_smile:

ah, just see gotta phone, so will do so later during lunch :slight_smile:

Thanks for that… link now fixed.

Call 02077203621 if you’d like to book a space.

Booked, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

just off the phone for the booking :w00t:

I think there should be a lot more of you booked on this!!! :wink:

I take it I’ll see you there then? :w00t:

Cheeky! Don’t make me bring up the tyre story! :hehe:

Off course you’ll see him there, the chance to get greased up and play with nuts. :w00t:


How often will you run these sessions, basically if I don’t make this one will you do the same again

Yes, depending on demand, we will run another session a fortnight later.
We will post on LB and OMC website with details.

since you’re doing this on my birthday, can i have it a birthday present :stuck_out_tongue:

If you book a place I’m sure everyone will join in and celebrate with you.
I’m sure we can organise a surprise present for you…