OMC Training 19th Feb

Is there anyone who’s going to the OMC this Tuesday?

I’ll either be on that one or the 26th. Just waiting for Matt to confirm with me.

Looks like I’m going tonight, although that might change if my son gets released from hospital…

anyone else going?

What a difference 30 minutes makes. Looks like I am NOT gonna make it tonight (son being kicked out of hospital) and Matt kindly agreed to switch me to next week.

SimoninEssex, are you going this week then? Is there going to be a special LB OMC night in March? Can’t find the last thread about this…

Hi Lstar, Yep I’m going tomorrow night. The 19th was an extra night because of additional demand, so I’m not sure whether they are doing an extra night in March, but they have a night scheduled for 26th March.

Thanks Simon for the info. I’ll get in touch with them. Hope you enjoy it.