OMC to stay open after all!

From Simon the owner

Since the announcement that OMC was closing, we have had a huge amount of support and encouragement from you, the motorcycle community. The result of this and meeting with other like-minded motorcycle companies, as well asking a cross-section of our customer’s, we have made the decision to remain OPEN!

We have decided to create a membership scheme that consists of a monthly fee of £19. All subsequent bench time will be charged at a reduced rate of £25phr from the existing rate of £34.80phr. There are no restrictions on numbers of hours used per week, month or year. At the end of each year you can renew or cancel.
The monthly fee will be collected in advance by direct debit on the 26th of each month.
As soon as you have signed up for the membership scheme and we have received notification of the direct debit you can start to use the benefit of the reduced hourly rate.

As a one-off deal, which will help us, we are offering you the opportunity to make a one-off payment of £209 for the year, 12 months for the price of 11! This offer is only open until May 26th.

To sign up for the membership scheme please click here.
If you would like help us by making the one-off payment please complete the direct debit here, then email us.

If you have any questions about the above scheme or any other thoughts or suggestions then please do email us
Other changes and extra training packages will be following in the next couple of months and a refresh of the OMC brand will place, once we have been able to ask you what else you’d like us to provide.

OMC is committed to helping you learn about and enjoy maintaining your motorcycle and above all helping you fulfill your dreams, passions and ambitions as motorcyclists.

Below is just one of the many messages that we have received in the last month. To me it captures the very essence of OMC.

“I’ve heard the very sad news about the workshop. Hope you’re doing OK?
I’d like to say thanks for everything you did there it made a really big difference to my motorcycling experience, and enriched my life! I met some great people through the shop and had lots of laughs.
Without doubt, I’d have never achieved my dream of racing in BSB Superstock without the shop, and support from you”.

Thank you
Team OMC.

Already signed up. Best news ever

Great news, and good luck. Found Matt to be incredibly helpful, and would recommend using OMC to anyone yet to venture down there :slight_smile:

That’s the link to sign up for the membership.

@nivag’s Thursdays are safe!

Great news saw the email this morning…

Ahh this makes life so much easier, and makes owning a motorcycle in London a bit less of a ball ache

Great news.

So just so I understand, what does the monthly membership gets you?

Great news.
So just so I understand, what does the monthly membership gets you?
It gives you a reduced rate on bench time.

Also you’ll get to hear Matt stories for free :grin:

Oh excellent, considering I’m mechanically handicap i should consider it.

Anyway, good to learn they are staying in business

Great! Use it or lose it. I must check if they are still running their maintenance for numptys course and actually book in!

Great! Use it or lose it. banman
Pretty much!

Ah, so the membership isn’t required, I don’t go there often enough to justify a monthly membership

Yeah, I wasn’t quite sure if it was ‘members only’ but looking at the website it looks like both options are available.

I’m guessing the memebership fee is more to encourage regular usage rather than gain any profit from. Good to see it staying open. May well sign up for a membership

It would also mean that cashflow is a bit more predictable for them to manage etc.

benefit for members being they’re more likely to maintain their bike when the bill is discounted already!

It basically means that they can survive through winter on subscription fees even if people aren’t using the facilities on an hourly basis. I’m definitely going to try to get on one of the maintenance course things.

Good news but will have to see how the recent news of Matt leaving will affect them