OMC This Friday.........

This coming Friday (wedding day) we will be open on request only. So if you want to take refuge at the OMC and play with your nuts and not be driven nuts, from the Royal razzmatazz, then you will need to contact us before 6pm Thursday.

I don’t wanna chase royal losers… but that’s my job, so if I turn up can you help me find “The Underground” and smuggle me away from this nation of bum licky people who accept that “royalty” is part of their life and bow to it… YOU LOSERS!!!

The Queen is ONLY the Queen and lording it over you because her ancestors were tougher than yours… so that means that if you support the Queen, that’s cos you’re an absolute gutless BITCH slapped bitch, and you take it up the bum… in the 21st Century… Isn’t that a REALLY embarassing thing to come to terms with and live with… bitch… eh?!?

(for anyone concerned that this “might” be slightly over-confrontational, don’t worry your pretty little heads… believe me worse isn’t very hard, so consider this a nice way of laughing in your bitch slapped, traditional, conservative, dead to modern life, tedious, out-dated, unbeliveably patronising tiny little irrelevant worlds… (ok that last bit might get me punched, but I’m takin up Boxing, so that’s a positive, getting some free practise in whilst I can kinda thing for me eh…

HOWEVER… YOU LOSERS!!! They are a sexist, nepotistic dictatorship based on medieval laws that would make the most opportunistic lawyer cringe in their absolutist, “unquestionable” nature… in the literal political sense “they are actually LESS democratic than Hitler”, cos at least Hitler pretended to attain power through the democratic process called “voting”… admittedly he cheated but that’s only a minor reason for hating him… but “The Queen” actually doesn’t even consider that “lip service” to democracy a worthy excercise in public opinion soothing… she just told you she was in charge and you sucked that up, like loyal dogs, sniffing her bum and wagging your tails…


Pretend AV anyone… you pathetic scum you… …yeah… come on then… type at me if you disagree, :slight_smile:

All the poor bloke said was that he may open his business if people say they want to come - otherwise they might get a day off like everyone else :w00t:

Chill out Toby:)

Shame on you Toby for dissing the Royals and everything they stand for :hehe:

Correct, succinct and to the point :hehe:Nuff said

Come on Jetz, you know I’m a plum, plus I’ve had a couple of pints, and I’m sick of the Royal family cos that’s all I’ve worked on for the last month, so I was only lettin off a bit of steam in, what I thought was a “tongue in cheek” kinda way… wanna hug big man, show we’re still friends? :hehe:

But I still reckon we could find, or at least build a pretty good guillotine if we all pulled together… :smiley: (oh the irony of freedom of speech combined with people power… arguments and disagreement trump compromise and unity EVERY time)

By the way, who did vote for her?

Hug sent:)

Guillotine sounds good but we’re busy this weekend. Hope B&Q don’t run out of parts:D

replace ROYAL with TORY and now we’re talking…;).



Nice one Toby - when stuff like this happens it sometimes feels like your on the set of ‘invasion of the body snatchers’ - nice to know that not everyone falls for this shite.

So are you coming or not?
If you are great…but I’m not sure if you want to use the workshop or start a revolution. I mean you welcome to stand on your soap box outside the OMC and start your own protest, it is a free country and we do have freedom of speech. But if your not wanting tools or equipment then the doors will be closed.



hahhaghahhahaha. Lets all protest! something different then :smiley:

Katie`s mum had an air side pass,

Wills whole family have a dodgy past,

Tomorrows wedding at the Abbey,

Will not seem in any way shabby,

Till Will takes her right up the arse.

DesmoMan (28/04/2011)

REally sorry fella, have been working for the lasat 24 hours straight without a break, and now have to expereince this tosh first hand. KNackered and not impressed, but can’t make it today, however I have every intention of dropping by saying hi and taking advantage of your utterly awesome service which comes highly recommended by all those that have xpereinced it so far. Enjoy the wedding, and I’ll be in soon