OMC Basic Maintenance Course - 29th May

I’ve paid up to do this (only £35), starts at 7pm and from what I’ve seen can go on to somewhere between 9:30pm and 11pm.

There’s quite some list of what will be covered, seems a good idea for anyone with no bike knowledge like me :slight_smile:

Anyone else coming along?

While questions about lube might be more appropriately addressed to the Jetstreams, I do need to learn some basics now that I have a “real” motorcycle with a chain and everything, so I’m all booked and paid up for the course!

Glad that you’re going, it will be good to see someone I know there :slight_smile:


It’s a great evening and you’ll learn lots!

Aside from maintenance and how to keep the bike in tip top condition, it’s a very very useful learning process as to what things to look for when buying a new bike! :slight_smile:

Can’t fault it at all, it’s one of the best things I’ve done since buying a motorbike!

Nice one Simon :slight_smile: Yeah, will be nice to have a friendly face there.

I’m thinking about booking a place, been looking for a course like this for a while now. Hopefully it will go on as late as possible as my level of knowledge on maintenance etc. really isn’t that high.

I will be booking my place this morning :smiley:

Bugger, would love to do this but not this time around as I’ll be on the Isle Of Man on the 29th :slight_smile:

Booked… See you there !!

So I know me and Simon will be there tonight (quite early too) and I think Suzuki Angel couldn’t make the moved date (of today).

Anyone else coming along?

Andy its the 22nd today…have you got your dates mixed up?

No, that’s what I mean about a moved date, it will now be this evening.

I don’t understand why need to pay for a lesson like that… you can easily get a hayne’s manual on ebay or im sure there are always knowledge people around happy to help out…such as mates etc…:unsure:

Just got back from the course - and it was superb. A mate isn’t going to go through a set list of items and talk in detail about each one, explaining now just how you do it but why and what the implications are, demonstrating (with physical examples from real bikes where they went wrong) exactly what can go wrong. Well worth the time and the trifling cost. Great job Matt.

I would agree, for just £35 I think it’s a fantastic starter for someone like me with no prior bike knowledge.

Simon, unfortunately I had to ride home with no indicators! I have my Haynes out now, hopefully we just didn’t seat a fuse back in properly. I’ll check it out in the morning :slight_smile:

I would definitely try to go next time, withthis knowledge and your mates, youll become a great mechanic!

I think I’m going to book for the next one. Even if all I get from it is peace of mind. I just don’t want to be out in the middle of no-where on my sweet lonesome and not know a thing about how to get my bike crawling to a garage. (I have the full AA package as back up)

Guess ill see some of you there then… :slight_smile:

Having a knowledgeable mate isn’t the same as having a trained mechanic with loads of experience show and get you to feel for things you need to look out for. This is the most important benefit of the cocurse, that it’s not just matt reading out instructions but he gets you to feel for things so that you can know when it feels wrong. No hayne’s manual will give you that!

£35 does not even cover an hour at most mechanics so it’s definitely money well spent :slight_smile:

Stupid question…

How do I book it? :confused:

Details on their website I believe.

I enjoyed this too. I just wish I had my bike that day, and not the garage loaner.

I am making a list of mods I can do when I get mine back, and I am looking forward to make a start on these asap!!

Course was bloody great.

Loving the pictures (although I’m not sure about my beard close up in pic two heh heh, sorry if I stood in your way . . . .)