Olympic Ceremony


I watched it till the teams came out, who and how was the olympic flame started

Jon - go watch the reruns :slight_smile:

The only thing I was sorry didn’t happen was Dr Who appearing in the Tardis. I think it’s have been great if they’d made the tardis materialise in the centre of the stadium and Matt Smith walk out of it with the torch!


Class :slight_smile:

This was the best bit:

the best bit, by far, for me was when the queen jumped out of the helicopter and parachuted into the stadium. bit bloody dangerous, but good on yer ma`am!

Saw a couple of interviews today, first with Danny Boyle who reckoned the queen saw the finny side of the whole spoof and was really up for the game from the start and then was a natural actress. (Well, she’s gad a few years to practice.)

Second was with the stunt man that did the jump complete with glued on wig and wearing a copy of the queens dress. His biggest disappointment with the whole thing was that the film company wouldn’t let him keep the wig and dress!

Rumour has it, the stunt went so well, some countries television presenters thought it was all for real.

it was real. wasnt it? that was definately her!

Just to add, the whole world - not just Europe - was watching this remember. In my opinion:

NHS = a flip to the US healthcare debate
Disabled children singing = direct finger to the Beijing games where the child singer wasn’t pretty enough for TV + we do not hide our disabled
Lead role was a mixed race, skirt wearing woman allowed to chose who she can communicate with and full-on kiss - must have gone down well in [pick from a long list of countries]
Lesbian kiss - [see above]
Youth culture celebrated and nurtured - [see above]

Just imagine how you would have felt watching that, under a repressive regime. Any state can do a showy, regimented ceremony but few countries could pull off what London did…

i read a few reports on the ceremony from around the world (you can do that on the internet, it’s pretty cool isn’t it) and it went down very well indeed.