Olympic Ceremony

Whatever you think of the Olympics themselves, I have to say that the Opening Ceremony so far has been absolutely awesome. The amount of work that has obviously gone into it, from so many people, the thought and choreography, the memories it spawned and the history and feeling…it’s just superb. And thank God for Rowan Atkinson, I haven’t laughed so much for decades! I am so very impressed.

Really makes me proud to be British :slight_smile:


Ur polish! :smiley:

pot, kettle… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have to agree. I’m, happily, very impressed. Beckham on the speed boat was legendary :smiley: But they really need to stop parading soon!


Half Polish, Half Indian, born and bred in Britain. I get to cheer for three nations! It’s kind of like how you being bisexual doubles your chances of a date on a Saturday evening, Jaime…

That would then be born, not bred, in England

Are they still doing countries beginning with A? The first half was truly amazing but now it’s all gone a bit Eurovision…

Half Devon, Half Essex, what chance have i got ?

No, born and bred - check the definition and don’t be vulgar :slight_smile:

U now, just checked - am waiting for the procession to finish…

Oops, my bad :blush:

it was ok however I think that if you have not lived in Britain you would not have got it at all… just like english humour.

For me the biggest disappointment was the end, having that old fart McCartney do his Hey Jude again… We’ve heard that song 20.000 times… enough already

I thought the olympic flame lighting was excellent… the travel through the decades with music was ok, I missed the first few mins…

Overall, better than I was expecting but could have done with a bit more energy overall…

Oh also liked the little smiley nod back to the rave era! :smiley:

Completely missed the essence of London in 2012. They should read some of these forums. And I agree Hey Jude old hat. How about


Hmmm a bit tooo hip for me…

I would have gone for something in the middle:

thats not very stratford tho

Well it’s close enough

Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band from Leyton in east London, formed in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris.

i didnt know that.

If you notice on their Somewhere in Time album there’s a bit that looks like a scrolling news that says

West Ham 7:1 Other team ( Or something like that - cannot remember) - it’s because Steve Harris was a big West Ham supporter :wink:

I was hoping they might ceremoniously cremate Macca on the fire…

I quite enjoyed the whole thing though the “parade of nations” was a bit of a yawn, and then, oh dear, bloody Paul McCartney again.

He’s a sodding embarrassment and so far past it his latest hair die aint going to save him. FFS, just give up and let the rest of us have a break from “Hey Jude” for the rest of our lives.

naaaa naaaa naaa na na naaaaa