Olympic Addiction....

I’ve been watching the Olympics every night since they started…and I give you Exhibit A as to why:

Misty May…U.S. Women’s Beach Volleyball. drool


Exhibit B: Stephanie Rice - Australian Women’s Swim Team


Exhibit C : Svetlana Knockabollokoff. Womens Shot Put Champion:D:D:D


Im just so grateful she shaved that morning :wink:

That Stephanie Rice is a tad lethal in the water huh?!!!

Allison Stokke…she might not have wanted the attention but hey…


Damn, Chunks…I didn’t even know you were ON an Olympic team.

Well done! :laugh:

OMG… :w00t: :w00t:

She is STUNNING. drool

Top rated in Chickipedia!!

The Brazilian Synchronised Swimming twins are nice eye candy too.

I want to join the RAF ! . . . . . :cool:

. . . or move to Australia . . . :smiley:

(Pity about the chavette style costume but that can be overlooked in this case :wink: )

Is this what they call - Taking one for the team???

Great stuff.

Is there more to come?

Rita Dravucz, Hungarian water polo player…


Victoria Pendleton, British cyclist…