Ole Ben has stolen a Tie Fighter and will be rejoining the battle soon...

Its true, the evil empire of the “man” wasn’t looking so armed with big knackers I snuck past security and stole one of his winged machines. A blue one, and a mighty fast ship she is too. The Death Star was destroyed at the end of Star Wars, so I guess this amounts to the beginning of the Empire Strikes back (it is winter, although there’s naff all chance of Snow on Planet London right now)…

Anyway, for anyone in need of a translation…just bought a Kawa ZX9R. Blue. Ooh she’s a beaut, so I’m mounted once more. Use the 4-stroke dudes!

Well done mate !!!

That’s a mighty machine you have there, and glad you’ve joined the mighty ZX team.

you out tomorrow night then? If it’s dry I’ll be at the Ace 7ish.

Real glad to hear you’re back on two wheels fella Pics?!

We wicked need a “This Thread is Worthless Without Pics” emoticon. LOL

Nice work on the new bike…looking forward to seeing pics!

You lot bring tears ta me eyes.
Or is that the onion smelling guff I just let off…ooh dear,

I have a pic courtesy of young Matt on my mobile, but no idea how to get it from there to the site…

Any hints…? That don’t cost the earth and end up with me standing over an uncompromisingly stubborn computer that just won’t work, whilst screaming and threatening to dismantle it…violently…?

(Never was cut out for this Kenobi pacifist stuff…give me a Darth style “Levitate and Hurl” kind a philosophy every time… )

What no “Duc I am your father”?

Well done fella… about bl**dy time


I’ve got a black Bandit.

It was knocked over by a Brent council refuse vehicle when I lived in NW10 a few years ago(just a bust indicator & speedo cover).

I live in Streatham.

I’ve got a ZX-9R

It’s blue

I’m starting to get worried here…

Welcome to the K9 club ! Head over to www.zx-9r.net & introduce yourself.

Mo…the least costly (cos you never call Ducati’s cheap) Duc in the house was 5500 and I had half that to play with. Clearly ole Kenobi’s youth has been too littered with wine, women and galaxy cavorting, and not enough time spent workin…

Ah nuts you only live once.

The 4-stroke is clearly too strong in this one… I’m still on that dinky, “straight and narrow” eh… You must show me some more of that corrupt dark side…I could get a taste for it…

no kiddin…I’ll check it out…

Remember you lifesaver Tobi-1

May the 98 ron sauce be with you

ahaaaaa, toby mate good to hear it, much better than that bandit thingy whatever you had before!

Tobi, if you want your pic on here, text it to me and I’ll transfer it to computer and mail it to you.

PM me for mobli number if you want to go that relatively cost effective route.

Depending on your phone, you may be able to transfer it via USB… it’s free then.

Nice choice, will see if we can a little something to christen her with

It’s a really really nice bike - here’s the crappy pic off my phone - great day out to buy it - really enjoyed the chineese!




I’ve just actually looked at her.
Crud, have a I really bought a bike with baby blue wheel rims and the word Ninja written on the side…

Ah well, least I can go really fast so none of the yoof round my way can point at me and laugh,

I told matt when I got it that when I buy bikes I lose all focus. Before I go in I’m thinking, “Ask about the warranty, ask about the brake pads and the insurance”. Then I test ride it and all I can hear in my head is, “Vroom, vroom, 2nd, flick left, right, rev’s up, ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh” It could have been purple with pink bloomin polka dots and I still would have bought it. I’m a salesman’s wet dream…

BUT I’M BACK SO WHO CARES!!! Can you paint wheel rims?

It’s a stunning bike - I could tell you were going to buy it when you got off it and you had a grin from ear to ear.


Welcome to world of Ninjas

Course you can get wheels stripped and painted any colour you want - sure someone on the site has done this recently - can’t remember who, and it was cheap too!!

Look forward to seeing you out n about soon.

I think M9Performance does that kind of thing doesn’t he? Drop him a note.


stip and polish them?

Lovely looking bike Toby!

See you later at the Ace???