oldies meet the newbies pub meet

hey all as im new to the club and im sure there are few others who are new wondering who would be up for a pub meet in middlesex area for the oldies on here to meet the newbies ? meet outside the enterance of pub at 6pm before we all go in.

Location :Ye Olde Greene Manne, Batchworth Heath, Hertfordshire, WD3 1QB
Date :4th december 2011
Time :6pm onwards

First Monday of every month at the ace

P.s it’s not a club

ah ok, was seeing if anyone fancied a little pub get together and be in the warmth and do something on a sunday instead of being stuck indoors :slight_smile:

Sounds great and welcome:)

Am sure there are a few people in the Middlesex area who might want to join you for a drink as there seems to be a contingent from up that way, plus also there are sometimes Sunday Breakfasts at the Ace (and newbie nights etc).

I am busy on the Saturday 3rd, but will play it by ear re Sunday (and weather) as it’s quite far from Streatham:)

There is also the Xmas drinks for newbies and oldies to mix and mingle over a drink or ten on the 10th Dec.

any middlesex riders up for this?

Hi there .Just let you know I passed your chosen venue yesterday and it was shut.Looked like its having major refit.you better check if its going to be ready/open in time for your meet.
Cheers mate.

oh haha ooops hmmm cancel this idea then didnt know that aint been there in a good few months.

This is a theme round this neck of the woods lately, at least 3 pubs have closed this autumn winter for extensive refurbishment. Could be worse I guess, they could be closing down to build flats!