Oldie newbie

Try again… first attempt at re - intro read badly, she is right, I cannot multi task, I am a man, I must remember this. OR stay off the forum whilst at work so you dont get bothered when trying to post and distracted.

Take 2 - ACTION

Right. Hello all, I signed up a while ago, but failed to keep signed in enough or get to a meet as not in London myself. No excuses, just apologising. So new years resolution is to be on here more and get to some meets and ride outs and meet some of you hopefully. Always liked the banter on here.

I see there is a newbie meet in the Events section on 1st of Dec so hope to get to that and meet anyone there. Cheers, Ben.

Welcome to FB

cheers Chris.

Welcome back to LB :slight_smile:

Cheers Bud.