Oldguy ???

Anyone heard from Oldguy recently? LiM - has he been in contact with you?

Is he still trying to ride that old Aprilla? Is the tortoise still alive?

Not heard from him recently JS.

Woo hoo :slight_smile:

Glad to see the old curmudgeon has been on the old cars thread, and thanks for your PM LiM

The world is still going round :smiley:

…but what about the tortoise?..

Yeah, we want to know about her too … much more interesting that his wife’s old car … c’mon OG, tell us:w00t:

Oh yes, the tortoise. Forgot the big important LB post in March/April.

You will be pleased to know the old girl, that’s the tortoise not Mrs. O, got through another winter and spring, sort of, sprung a couple of weeks back. It’s a bit geriatric now, again, the tortoise not …, and only manages a few yards each day. (I’ve worked with people like that in the past.)

Anyway, despite the obits. in the broadsheets and the sensationalist headlines in the tabloids, I’m back.

Now, here’s a question. Should I have the tortoise put down and stuffed?

you’re kidding.

how old is she?

can you post a picture up please?

Soup with its own bowl :slight_smile:

silveR6 About 70. Which is about 10, even perhaps 20 years, beyond the predicted life of a Balkan Abaran spur thighed tortoise.

NumNum That’s horrid. The old girl, that’s the tortoise not … , has been with me for about 60 years. That would be like eating your sibling.

Hang on. There’s a lot of meat on my sister and I can’t stand her.