Old-style sans lid

Due to the starter clutch completely giving up today and the AA man bump starting the trike, I was left with a running engine, no lid or gloves. As it’s due a service at PDQ soon, I thought it a good idea to go down to Taplow and leave it there… the AA guy offered to wait while I got my lid, but I said to hell with it, I’ll go without. As it happens, PDQ is all locked up on a Sunday with nowhere to leave the key, so I ended up having a little rideout round Taplow, Burnham and environs then back up the A40 for a cuppa at the Ace. Sods Law dictates that when the engine’s hot, the starter clutch engages, so no problems.

I have to say that despite it being wholly unsafe, riding around bare-headed and a pair of Ray-Bans for protection is actually quite addictive. You can for the first time hear everything, all the bits that go jingle-jangle that you never normally hear. And of course the engine sounds really very fine too. 55-60 is about the limit of comfort, 80+ and the shades get embedded in one’s face. Nonetheless, it’s such fun that 80+ just fuels the addiction. 68 miles of enjoyment, reason says that’s enough for a while, but I want more :smiley:

Also, nice to see everyone at the Ace, a mini-BM going on by the numbers. D-J no way you should have a permanent tail bag, it would ruin the… er… aerodynamics. :wink: