Old Street Roundabout, cement & gravel spill

Morning all!

Watch out for the wet cement and gravel spill on Old Street Roundabout. Its in lane 2 as you exit towards Clerkenwell, concerned that bikes going round will slide out on it!

Be safe.

Get the council on it

Fill in some pot holes :ermm:

This seems to be happening more and more, there are little mounds of concrete everywhere now. Are they over filling the concrete or just not cleaning them properly?

This stuff looks as though its slipped off the back of something. It was a big splat on the carriage way, with a nice gravel garnish. :doze:

While you are there watch out for all the hipsters on their “fixie” bikes and the tramps. Give me a wave as you go past my office.

Just do as we know who to look out for, are you one of the hipsters or one of the tramps? :unsure: