Old school HiFi

Selling on behalf of my brother in law .

£50 .

The lot? Bargain. I have a similar set up with almost idential Sony Amp, connected up to a DAB radio, wharfdale speakers etc. If you were selling a turntable, I’d have it!

Ive got a Rega planner 3 turntable , been thinking of selling ,just can quite do it , ive had it 30 years but I don’t get to use it much .

If your interested let me know , I can post some pictures

Nice. I had a Thorens belt drive with floating platter/arm and a Goldring cartridge. Im going back 25 years though.
Your RP could fetch a good price but if I was you, I’d keep it :slight_smile:

Decent gear. But generally it’s the ES Sony gear that’s worth the money and remains in high demand. And hardly anyone bother with tape decks any more… The old school Sony Minidisc decks are still worth grabbing as they have decent DAC’s, that you can pipe your computer through to get a decent step up in quality from your average soundcard.

Got a nice Thorens TD-160 Super turntable myself. Modded like crazy and sounding sweet. However I rarely use it these days… However as with the Rega P3, it’s the tone arm on them that really defines their worth. A good nick Rega RB250 or RB300 arm can easily fetch £100-150. The stock arm on Thorens decks were a bit mediocre, many swapped them for something better from the likes of Linn Grace, SME, Alphason etc.

This site might be worth a gander: Hifi selling tips

God, hi-fi fanatics are the worst kind of people I have to deal with at work…

That’s good kit going for a good price though, should sell no problem. Good luck!

Thanks for the replys and link , that Amp is a hefty bit of kit .

Where are you, and do both speaker outs on the amp work, especially the ‘both speaker outs’ option?

Im in Thamesmead , From what my brother in law has told me its all in working order , I will check it all out tomorrow just to make sure .