old decals!!

Howdy peeps and peepina`s, just spent the afternoon trying to get the decals off my ville, shes plastered in ex training school stickers that have been on for 4 years. I dont really have a access point from my flat to be able to use a hairdryer, so ive been using a blade which is ok but dont want to ruin the paint. Is there anything that you can reccomend?


break cleaner/petrol - but be sure to get rid of it after - polish/water should do the trick!!

Try WD40 mate…spray it on and leave for about 5 minutes and the decals should just peel off. Worked on mine recently.

You can buy a little rubber ball on a shaft that you put in a power drill just buzz it up and down the stickers it takes em off and all the glue underneath very quickly with no mess, but as far as i know you can get them from car paint, bodywork suppleirs fo a couple of quid mate had none to get them ****ty stickers you get on a brand spankner about reading manuals before riding thats the easist way than picking and soaking

thanks will leave the petrol one, thanks anyway, but will try the buzzy ball trick and continue with wd40.

ok, you obviously like doing things the hard - and long way, and spending money on useless tools!!! good luck

i dont need to spend money on things i dont need, thats why i am borrowing one from a mate

Where can i get a buzzy ball thing and does it have a real name ?

I dont have any ‘useful’ mates in this instance

Thanks, Lee