don’t donate or resell old helmets! just bin it. Why You don’t use them anymore? I know that in the secs. will e couple posts below that nothing wrong with old helmet, that Frank or Ricky use one for ages and they are still in good condition. Are you sure that they are?

They can be used for non-riding purposes - eg Various fire brigades do a ‘Biker Down’ course including a section on helmet removal, they might be interested in old helmets for demonstrations.


there are manu things you can use the old helmets for , one is…


Can I say regarding my old lids. They have been worn twice, never dropped or crashed in.

I bought them as a pair brand new, they are blue tooth enabled, however, I could never get my phone to work on them, and they always seemed a little too loose for my head.

They are these: http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/testsratings/viper-rs-v121

3 star rating.

I mainly bought them for pillion riders, who might not own their own helmet.

But given that I now own 2 shoei’s and a scorpion I should be able to supply a spare.

I never rated the helmets, felt cheap on the inside, which is unsurprising since they were cheap.

Can I have ‘LB winder upper’ ??? Lol

How about Tiggi’s Biatch? :stuck_out_tongue:

I hadn’t even got round to asking yet!

I got bored at work yesterday so changed a few :smiley:

Have they noticed yet though?

I dont use them anymore as bought newer one…so as they are surplus to requirements I will donate them to local services to use on first aid demos like ‘first bike on scene’ etc that way they can practice removing lids to lesson damage to a rider…simples really

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Motopup…Limpwrist Lewis the Lb ladyboy :slight_smile:

Wow! That is the first time I’ve ever seen you post in ‘lower case/ non-shouty’ mode! Well done.
Now we just need the size sorted :wink:

Having done FBOS in the past, we offered my old lids to FBOS.

Didn’t want them. They were very polite and nice about it, but just didn’t need them. Contacted Firebiker on here too, didn’t want them either.

I think those that want them, have them.


My helmet is 7 years old, arai rx7 cost £550, now if you believe a salesman, after 5 years it will require replacing! WTF!

As they say ‘sh*t flys and mugs catch it’ :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Now if the said helmet had been involved in a major impact, that’s a different issue! Structural integrity may be affected…

Arai were intially developed for NASCAR racing, the lateral strength is second to none. They may be heavy and noisy, but I’m more interested in the impact resistance, then sound insulation!

I have done various courses where helmet removal has been covered and on almost all of them the helmets are old fashioned and massive so not really representative of real life.
And they all tended to be like seat buckle types too

I will find out from some folk I know if they might need them.
There is actually a St Johns course this weekend in Birmingham about motorcylists ie covering helmet removal but it will be too late for them

We did this too & they were very happy to get it.

I donated a few to my local fire station and again they were extremely thankful, even offered us a tour of the station.

Worth asking, even if they do say no.

The chief medical officer at BSB medical said they would take some too
She can share them out with people she trains eg marshals, trackside medics, st johns ambulance folk
If anyone has one they would like to donate, PM me and I will meet you sometime…I dont think I will see her till March though as the training course tomorrow has been cancelled because of snow.

Fire stations are a good idea too…they probably use really really old ones for training!

PM sent Nonsense cheers

rang Beds fire service they not interested weird eh you would think emergency services be glad to get stuff for practicing with